Short Story

My wriggly friends

Vidya Dengle writes children’s stories and has published two books in Marathi, both of which won literary awards

The Gift

Priya Muthukumar is a Bengaluru-based performance storyteller who shares her tales through her storytelling venture, Storipur

How Parth found his best friend

Sharon Ranglani is a professional by day and a dreamer by night. She likes to travel across the globe and enjoys writing stories for children.

In-house garden

Rakesh Kamal is passionate about environment and climate change and is currently working at Centre for Science and Environment as a Programme Officer.

The Ride Home

Mridula Ramesh is the Executive Director of Sundaram Textiles. She is also a teacher and student of climate change

Sowing the Seeds Priya Muthukumar

With her hair neatly oiled and braided, wearing her green-and-white school uniform, Selvi sat on the mat waiting for Amma to get her favourite tiffin of idlis and carrot sambar

The pit of Doom

Author: Polash Mukerjee

One of my closest friends lived on a farm in a small town hugging the Arabian Sea on the west and the highway connecting India's financial capital to its political capital in the east. The farm was large, with a river flowing by it. There were several plantations, growing mainly mangoes, but also chikoos, jackfruits and pomegranates. There was also a nursery for flowering plants situated within the farm.

The stubborn mango

The first time she saw it, she almost killed it. She had been hopping along the road, on her way to the school, when her eyes suddenly...

The honey-gatherers of Sunderbans

It was April in the evergreen mangrove forest of Sunderbans. Though the heat was relentless, the honey gatherers, the Mowalis, were running helter-skelter...


I was having a hearty breakfast when Mona called me. “Come quickly. The crow is about to fly,” she said. I left the breakfast instantly and rushed to the verandah