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Panditji ponders over...

When it comes to the ‘inspirational, transformational’ talk about Aadhaar, the unique identification scheme implemented by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the agnostic in me comes alive...

Gift Panda = Make Friends (The Chinese Formula)

For more than half a century China has used pandas to  keep its friends and neighbours happy and helpful. That’s right! These cuddly, slow breeding mammals have played a key role in the country’s diplomatic moves. From being gifted to political heavyweights to boosting trade deals, the pandas have done it all.

The Pig idea: No hogwash this

Yes, pork is not popular in many parts of India. But across the globe, this is how the ‘pig-man cycle’ works: Man creates waste. Pig eats waste and turns it into food. Man eats pig.

Water tales: Your best bet

How do you store the water you drink?  Did you say,’What an absurd question?’ Not at all. Water storage is a weighty matter, enough to baffle many minds.

Ozone on my apple

Do you wash that luscious and juicy red apple before eating it? What about those fresh, green vegetables?

Genetically mortified organisms...

...That is what we become when thinking about the debate around Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Are they the monster spawn of greedy corporations?

Zooming in on sensitive zones

We all witnessed the Uttarakhand tragedy. Since, there has been a lot of talk about what could and should have been done to avoid a natural disaster of this humungous proportion...

Environment Apps

Have you ever contemplated downloading an environment app on your smart phone? Oh, you think environment-related-everything is so boring? Well, think again. There are some uber cool apps waiting to be downloaded. Go on, usher in some ‘smart’ environment awareness!

Stranded in Sangla

A gargantuan natural disaster claimed thousands of lives and left a devastating trail of destruction in its wake across Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh (HP) and some parts of Uttar Pradesh last month. Twenty three college students, part of CSE’s summer training Agenda for Survival, witnessed it unfold before their eyes

The Glass Ceiling

People. Privacy. Protocol. The Internet, they say, is about all this and more. But, ‘wearable’ computers are changing how much of our lives we share online. And who is keeping all our information safe?