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Zooming in on sensitive zones

We all witnessed the Uttarakhand tragedy. Since, there has been a lot of talk about what could and should have been done to avoid a natural disaster of this humungous proportion...

Stranded in Sangla

A gargantuan natural disaster claimed thousands of lives and left a devastating trail of destruction in its wake across Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh (HP) and some parts of Uttar Pradesh last month. Twenty three college students, part of CSE’s summer training Agenda for Survival, witnessed it unfold before their eyes

Heady Heat

What do international climate change policymakers do when they cannot reset their policies to common consensus? Have another conference! 


The Glass Ceiling

People. Privacy. Protocol. The Internet, they say, is about all this and more. But, ‘wearable’ computers are changing how much of our lives we share online. And who is keeping all our information safe?


A beautiful visual narrative on the 100-year-old burning coal fields of Jharia in Jharkhand. The coal earns the residents of the area a meagre living, but it comes at a huge cost… Produced by the Bombay Flying Club and shot by German journalists and filmmakers, it is poignant portrayal of one of the most resource rich parts of our country.

Save The poor AND the planet

Rural development schemes are aimed towards improving the lot of the rural population. The Ministry of Rural Development, in a report released earlier this year, said that they can be used to save the planet too! GT finds out how to kill two birds with one stone...

End of Endosulfan?

This infamous hormone-disrupting pesticide is the culprit behind many children born with congenital defects and deformities in Kasargod in Kerala. At the recently concluded Stockholm Convention set up to battle such organic pollutants that threaten lives and the environment, nations approved chemical and non-chemical alternatives to the toxin

And the winners are...



Are you thinking of greening up your interiors? Why not invest in naturally air-purifying plants and save on those spray cans? Here are some that double up as useful family friends.

Cave Therapy

Have you had enough of the latest celebrity diets, magic pills and tips promising instant fat loss?