Open Forum

The Road Ahead

Cities, towns and roads in India are teeming with cars. Many more are waiting in the wings. An impressive line up of autos was on display in the  recently staged Auto Expo, 2010, Delhi. Do we really need more of these fossilfuel guzzlers? Not really.

Cop 15 fact sheet

In the run up to the Copenhagen Summit, we had narrated the history of Climate Change negotiations, we had presented the key players to you and we had described the agenda of this most-hyped, most anticipated event of the decade.

Silent night. Unholy night

Neither Union Carbide nor the later owner Dow Chemicals take responsibility for the world largest industrial disaster. While the Indian Government sued Union Carbide for US $3.3 billion, it settled for a measly US $470 mn in 1989.

Hot Spot


The question in everybod’s mind is ‘why wasn’t a corporation of such scale and stature better prepared for this emergency?’ With sales reported at $60.65 billion for 2008-09, funds could not have been a problem. And this from an organisation which has received the award for the Most Safe Oil Marketing Company (OMC) from the Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD).

Knowing Snow

The picture of a lone polar bear on a rapidly melting ice layer has become the iconic image for climate change. The reason is not only that Arctic-north pole, has been melting faster than ever. It is because the region has more than 30 research stations set up with the task collecting data and conduct research.

This Commonwealth is uncommonly controversial

There is less than a year to go. The frantic, stressful last lap has begun to the biggest sporting event Delhi, in fact, India has ever hosted. The 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games will be held in the capital in October, 2010.

Ocean drain - The oil spill saga

In September 2009, Black Rose, a Mongolian ship—its red flag aflutter—left the harbour off Paradip port, in Orissa, India. Barely 100 km into the sea, it sank. The ship spilled out 924 tonnes of furnace oil and 38 tonnes of diesel, into the sea.

Gandhigiri in School

No more sweating in the name of board examinations. At least till Class X. Because this set of tests has been made voluntary. No more cut throat competition now. No more tallying and comparing marks with friends.

Climate Calling

Preparations are on at a feverish pace. There are only about two months to go before countries of all sizes, shapes, and economies meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to assess progress on the Climate Change front and negotiate actions for the future.

Cutting Edge

This month the footlights are on the forests. The Haryana state government, which was recently rapped on the knuckles by the Supreme Court for ongoing the illegal mining activities in the Aravalli hills, has just announced its plans of using high-tech Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to monitor its forest cover.