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Clay concerns


Pottery has always flourished in India. Remember the assortment of vessels dug up in the sites of Mohenjodaro and Harappa? So if it remains in demand even today, we should be proud, right? After all, earthen products are extremely environment friendly. And the industry provides livelihood to a sizeable portion of the Indian population. True. But perhaps its time to scratch the surface and dig a little deeper now.

Jumbo Trouble


Once upon a time in the 17th century, the Great Moghul Emperor Jehangir, was the proud owner of an army of over a lakh (1,13,000) elephants. These magnificent creatures roamed all over central India like in Marwar, Chanderi, Satwas, Bijagarh and Panna. The population of their decendants, however has dwindled to less then one third of this number. Where have all our elephants gone?

Waste to Wealth

GM food

Genetically modified (GM) or transgenic crops have always been a hotbed for debate and now the topic is back under the spotlight. This year, Indian scientists claim to have created a new genetically modified, protein enriched ‘protato’, which has a whopping 60 percent more protein than the ordinary spud, according to them. The goal of introducing this super-potato is to alleviate hunger and starvation that is plaguing India and many other countries worldwide. Anti-poverty campaigners have greeted the "protato" with cautious support.

Waste to Wealth

From government officials to corporate honchos, everyone is talking about electronic garbage now. While the Delhi government places e-waste bins in various strategic spots in the capital, a leading mobile phone manufacturer recently launched a campaign to recycle old handsets with great fanfare.

Flower Flourish

Flowers. They spell colour, fragrance and festivity. They also spell money. Yes, the pretty blossoms are actually worth a pretty packet, and a global business of considerable proportions rests on their tender petals.


It has been a while since “Eyjafjallajokull” volcano erupted and got noticed across the globe. The mighty Icelandic volcano erupted on April 14, 2010, spewing lava and poisonous gases that devastated the island’s crops and sent the European air traffic on a tail spin.

End of an Estuary

The oil spill of BP rig at the gulf of Mexico was one of the biggest natural disasters of recent time. The global media went agog when the news of the BP oil spill was first splashed around the world.

Gulf of Mexico

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, more commonly referred to as the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill, is a massive ongoing spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now considered the largest offshore spill in US history, it is a result of a drilling rig explosion and subsequent fire on April 20, 2010. It has been expelling vast amounts of crude since.

Sugar Saga

It’s the right time to talk about food. Why? Because the government is all poised to take action on the longpending Right to Food Act. Before the buzz in the govern - ment corridors gets deafening, lets take stock of what we have on our own plate.

Health Busters

The World Cup that made football a global phenomenon turns 80 year this. The quadrennial event has ignited the spirits of millions of enthusiasts, riding high on their passion. Somewhere in a metropolitan highrise apartment, Kunal, Prithvi and Anoushka, three young football buffs got together for watching a magnificent, magnanimous match on the big tube.