Open Forum

Scrap Scare

Are nuclear deals just the business of world leaders? Ask the hapless scrap dealer and his men who earned their living from collecting waste in Mayapuri, New Delhi, Asia’s largest scarp market, and who have now been scarred...

Water Wisdom

Do you know the best way to escape from a problem? Solve it! This is what the people of Jharbeda, a small village in Sundergarh; the worst hit district in Orissa as far as water scarcity is concerned, recently proved.

Climate change

Listen to us, for we are more active than the activists, more negotiable than the negotiators. We have our own set of facts and figures for everything. And we are the ones who bring real change in the society.

Fun and Fest

Students gather in the lawns of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on a sunny winter afternoon.

The Gobar Times Festival is on. As Panditji grins from ear to ear, savouring the buzz.

Fun Feast

Everywhere in the world harvest festivals have a common theme. Food. And in India, where agriculture defines the history, economy, and culture of the land, this season throws up a lavish feast. Every region turns festive in its own special way.

The Road Ahead

Cities, towns and roads in India are teeming with cars. Many more are waiting in the wings. An impressive line up of autos was on display in the  recently staged Auto Expo, 2010, Delhi. Do we really need more of these fossilfuel guzzlers? Not really.

Cop 15 fact sheet

In the run up to the Copenhagen Summit, we had narrated the history of Climate Change negotiations, we had presented the key players to you and we had described the agenda of this most-hyped, most anticipated event of the decade.

Silent night. Unholy night

Neither Union Carbide nor the later owner Dow Chemicals take responsibility for the world largest industrial disaster. While the Indian Government sued Union Carbide for US $3.3 billion, it settled for a measly US $470 mn in 1989.

Hot Spot


The question in everybod’s mind is ‘why wasn’t a corporation of such scale and stature better prepared for this emergency?’ With sales reported at $60.65 billion for 2008-09, funds could not have been a problem. And this from an organisation which has received the award for the Most Safe Oil Marketing Company (OMC) from the Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD).

Knowing Snow

The picture of a lone polar bear on a rapidly melting ice layer has become the iconic image for climate change. The reason is not only that Arctic-north pole, has been melting faster than ever. It is because the region has more than 30 research stations set up with the task collecting data and conduct research.