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Climate Calling

Preparations are on at a feverish pace. There are only about two months to go before countries of all sizes, shapes, and economies meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to assess progress on the Climate Change front and negotiate actions for the future.

Gandhigiri in School

No more sweating in the name of board examinations. At least till Class X. Because this set of tests has been made voluntary. No more cut throat competition now. No more tallying and comparing marks with friends.

Tradition Tricks

The root of the evil is, yes ,you have guessed it, Climate Change. And as you know, environmental think tanks, across the planet are craning their neck out, looking for solutions. But are they forgetting to look at what lies right under their nose? The answer rests in a ‘YES’ and a ‘NO’.

Cutting Edge

This month the footlights are on the forests. The Haryana state government, which was recently rapped on the knuckles by the Supreme Court for ongoing the illegal mining activities in the Aravalli hills, has just announced its plans of using high-tech Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to monitor its forest cover.

No gain without rain!!

All of you must have been eagerly waiting for rains? So am I and my crops in the field. Sarkari files tell me that this year’s June was the driest in 83 years (since 1926)! They also say that water levels in main 81 reservoirs of the country has halved only in time of one year.

The Official Deal

World leaders met in Italian city of L’Aquila to find a solution but once again, they became a part of the problem (because they found NIMTOO). The G8 struck a deal and made a gentleman’s promise on climate change yet again (for another NIMTOO).

Thin Ice

Imagine your world melting away slowly, the land under your feet becoming lose. Your house close to collapsing with every passing day,and your daily diet rapidly diminishing. Stuff that nightmares are made of.. isn’t it? But for the Inuit communities dwelling in the ice-capped zones of the planet, this is a grim reality...

Tidal Terror

Molina, a domestic help in a Kolkata household was on leave to her home, the Sunderbans. The Aila hit meanwhile. It hacked across Bengal with a speed of 750km/hour from inside the Bay of Bengal. Sunderban National park was worst hit, inundating several areas.

Cycle saga...

Pedalyatri, a group made up of professionals and students, age group ranging from twenty to forty five, cycle for fun. And for adventure. But what they found on the Aravalli ranges was neither. They had wheeled into disaster zone. The Aravallis had been ripped apart.

Flu Flows

Sars in 2003, Bird flu in 2004 and now swine flu in 2009. In todayʼs times diseases spawn and spill over with a far greater ease than dubious infiltration. Thus an outbreak of an epidemic or a chronic ailment quite understandably shoves in an alarm to people across geographics.