Dear Pandit ji,

I’m a regular reader of Gobar Times. It is a very interesting magazine. I have one question about the ‘Tring! Tring! Tring!’ article. Can you please tell me where can I recycle my old mobile phone? I stay in Delhi.


Letters - December 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

I recently read your editorial in the August 2008 issue of Gobar Times. Yes, we have a LAAARGE population of humans in India. Since we already have above 100 crore of them, it is a good thing to utilise their working abilities.

Letters - November 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

My name is Mayur Vyas. Pandit ji, I am very confused about the difference between global warming and climate change. As per my understanding, I know that climate change occurs due to global warming.

Letters - October 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

I recently came across your 1-15 August 2008 issue on ‘After oil’. Can you please tell me the potential of various renewable energy sources? Also, kindly tell me what other fuel option do we have apart from petrol and diesel.

Letters - September 15 2008

These are made by using coir waste, coconut pith, wood wool or sisal fibre, combined with cement as binder for production of corrugated or plain roofing sheets. These sheets use lesser cement than AC sheets, are 50 per cent cheaper, light-weight, fire resistant, water proof, and can be used for sloping roof option.

Letters - August15 2008

Vermicomposting is a good way of  getting rid of biodegradable kitchen waste. Millions of tonnes of food waste are buried or burned each year all over the world at a great financial and environmental cost. But, the same can be recycled with the help of worms. It turns many types of kitchen waste into nutritious soil for plants.

Letters - July 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

I am a student pursuing environmental studies. I read all your articles regularly. To say about the introduction of the new car, I also feel as an environmentalist that it would lead to nothing but congestion and over crowding of the roads.

Letters - June 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

Ten years is a long time! All credits to your publication for evolving over that period from a magazine aimed at the younger generation to one that addressed all. I've been a reader of GT since its inception. And it has been a wonderful, eyeopening ride! With eye-catching layout (something that so many publications ignore) and easy-tounderstand content, ...

Letters - Aapril 15 2008

Dear Panditji,

Can you please tell me when fly ash is used with herbal materials like neem and eucalyptus in making bio-pesticides, does the metal content in the fly-ash harm the environment, or is it safe to use? Also fly ash is very fine in size, so when sprayed on field does it cause air pollution?

Letters - March 15 2008

Dear Pallav Sehgal ji,

Monkey menace is a major problem in Delhi, and people have been struggling with it for many years. As far as the measures are concerned, the state government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) are responsible for keeping the monkey population in check.