Letters - June 15 2008

Dear Pandit ji,

Ten years is a long time! All credits to your publication for evolving over that period from a magazine aimed at the younger generation to one that addressed all. I've been a reader of GT since its inception. And it has been a wonderful, eyeopening ride! With eye-catching layout (something that so many publications ignore) and easy-tounderstand content, ...

Letters - Aapril 15 2008

Dear Panditji,

Can you please tell me when fly ash is used with herbal materials like neem and eucalyptus in making bio-pesticides, does the metal content in the fly-ash harm the environment, or is it safe to use? Also fly ash is very fine in size, so when sprayed on field does it cause air pollution?

Letters - March 15 2008

Dear Pallav Sehgal ji,

Monkey menace is a major problem in Delhi, and people have been struggling with it for many years. As far as the measures are concerned, the state government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) are responsible for keeping the monkey population in check.

Letters - February 15 2008

Dear Panditji,

I have learned from your magazine that mines affect the environment very badly and it should be restored after closure. How many mining operations in India actually get restored after closure?


The Indian Peregrine Falcon or Falco peregrinus peregrinator, described by Sundevall in 1837, is found in many places in South Asia including
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Southeastern China.

Letters - October 31 2007

Dear Panditji,

I am a regular reader of Gobar Times. It has been seen that now obesity has become a global problem. I would appreciate it a lot if you could supply me with some information of food and eating habits of the young. I require this information for a school project called The Project Citizen.

Letters - September 15 2007

Dear Panditji,

Gobar Times is doing better with each month. This one is also very good. But my favourite is the ‘Our gurrglooing rivers’. I know that river pollution is a very grave matter. But you made it so simple.
I love the lifecycle pages. The lifecycle of gold looked so gorgeous! I have a query as well. What are car air bags? How are they important?

Saira Khan
Via e-mail

Letters - August 31 2007

Alcohol can be, and is used as fuel. The most well-known alcohols are Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, and Butanol. They are of interest as fuels because they can be derived from biological sources (like cereal grains in case of Ethanol), and they have characteristics that allow them to be used in current engines.

Letters - July 2007

Dear Pandit ji,

I want to learn how to make dyes from vegetable. I would appreciate if you can give detailed information with proper measurements.

Via e-mail

Letters - June 2007

Dear Pandit ji,

I am Abhinav, and I study in class nine. I have a doubt about recycled paper. It is known that recycling is one measure to reduce waste products and save natural resources. But, many people refuse to use recycled products, as they are of cheaper quality.