Chitter-Chatter - June 2016


I enjoy the supplement 'Gobar Times' which is quite informative and entertaining with good colourful illustrations to draw children's minds towards caring for our environment. I would be honoured if my poems find a place in your acclaimed magazine.

Vandana Patel
Halol, Gujarat


Chitter-Chatter - May 2016

Gobar Times

I subscribe to Down To Earth from a very long time. I am a cardiologist at Dr RML Hospital. I feel that the set of "Good Food Posters" would do a great job on the walls of Cardiology OPD corridor. Although ours is not a school but our OPD for heart patients and their family members would be an ideal platform for these posters.

Dr Neeraj Pandit Head Department of Cardiology Dr RML Hospital

A Good Supplement

Chitter-Chatter - April 2016

Resourceful Link
I would like you to add a link to gobartimes.org. I think it will be a great addition to the resources on the environment. The resource is a recycling-for-kids guide filled with useful info on how we can provide kids with the importance of recycling and sustainability.
This is the link to guide: http://www.kenburn.co.uk/recycling-for-kids/.

Chitter-Chatter - March 2016


I Akansh Chowdhary. I am in studying in 7th standard in GD Goenka Public School.

Recently I had the pleasure of reading an issue of Gobar Times and I found it enjoyable and very informative. I wish there were more interactive activities. This magazine is not easily available which is a drawback.

Akansh Chowdhary, via e-mail


I like GOBAR TIMES because of its cartoons and its meaningful name.. The content of this magazine is informative and interesting.

Chitter-Chatter - February 2016


I am a new reader of Gobar Times and I very much enjoy reading it. The comic section is very interesting. Thank you!

Aryan Nair, Class V

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar


The story on pulses was very informative and knowledgeable. It shared some wonderful facts which were unknown to me. The onus lies on the government to support our farmers and conduct more research on pulses. The “popular pulses” has indeed helped my children to learn about different dals.

Chitter-Chatter - January 2016


Chitter-Chatter - December 2015

Gobar Times was thoughtful enough to give us the “Model Green School Award” in 2008, as we do endeavour to live in harmony with nature. I would like to share a new and radical approach to “Environment Waste and Recycling” that I saw during my recent visit to UK.

In the Recycling and Waste Depot “the Tip” outside Chichester, different waste categories are disposed separately. The Tip workers informed us (my son was there, too) that 83 per cent of all waste is recycled. Impressive!

Chitter-Chatter: November 2015


I like Gobar Times because it is thin and colourful and there are many interesting animal pictures. I also enjoy reading the new adventures of Piu and Pom.

Pavith Sodhi, Age - 9


I enjoyed reading the October issue of Gobar Times. The cover story was very good and looking at all that food and reading about it made my mouth water. The short story brought tears to my eyes. I always find the crossword challenging and fun.

Chitter-Chatter - October 15, 2015



In your Down To Earth magazine (1st to 15th September 2015) in the Gobar Times supplement you have mentioned on pg. 69 that Hog Deer is among endangered mammals. It is not. The endangered species of Indian deer, are Musk Deer, Swamp Deer and Manipur Brow Antler Deer, these species are under red data book of IUCN

Chitter-Chatter - September 15, 2015


I am a regular reader of Gobar Times.

My organisation and I work in Gujarat with traditional salt farmers, known as Agariyas.

I was happy to find a mention of the Agariya community making salt in your August issue. We’ll be happy to host the young salt satyagrahis in the Rann of Kutch. Children are welcome to visit the Rann shalas or our desert schools here.

Pankti Jog,
Agariya Heetrakshak Manch, Gujarat