Green School

Time for review

The monitoring process measures impact and helps students to work towards change

Mission: going green

There are some schools more concerned about saving the environment than others—the GSP Gold Schools


Travelling enhances and develops our learning about the natural environment. Here are a set of schools ... on an environmental trip

2016 GSP Awards

School children show the way in setting a good example of conserving environment

Healthy Food Shop

CSE's first organic farmers' market was a huge success

Food–Let’s make it good

With processed food becoming cheaper than unprocessed food, there has been rise in obesity levels among Indian children.

Environmental audit

We generate a plethora of waste every day, but there are a set of schools that are reversing the trend…these schools are conserving and reducing waste in a big way

Project Winter Break

Winter break and more festivities are around the corner. What to do in this break to reduce your ecological footprint.

GSP launches green community portal for students and teachers

On November 14, the GSP network will launch its virtual community, for the school community.

The GSP Diaries

Travelling from Baghdogra (West Bengal) to Gangtok (Sikkim), Sanchita was bowled over by Sikkim’s bio-diversity.