Green Food

Cooling Drinks

On such hot summer days, people in India like to slow down, relax and stay cool by enjoying a variety of traditional refreshing drinks.

These homemade drinks are way better than the artificially flavoured sodas and juices that are prevalent in the market as they are hazardous to the health as well as the climate because of the chemicals involved in their production.

We should say no to everything that is not fresh and natural. Here are a few of our very delicious Indian drinks for you to try out and enjoy killing the heat!

Savour this!

India offers an amazing variety of local food. Take this lip- smacking trip …

The curative wonder

Kundru is packed with innumerable medicinal properties

Food Wisdom

The key lies in education, we should expose children more to food systems, says nutrition consultant Rujuta Diwekar

Mud Bloomers

Check out what grows beneath the beautiful Lotus, and how savoury and healthy it is Ujwala Chowdhury

Storry fruit

One of the best-looking fruits, when cut crosswise, it resembles a perfect star

Ujwala Chowdhary

Star fruit! What a charming name!  This fruit is known as Kamrak in India. You might have seen it during the winter months, on the cart of sweet potato sellers, who make sought of a chat with it. It has a very interesting scientific name: Averrhoa carambola (quiet a mouthful isn’t it?  

Appearance and taste  

Food forthe brain

Food boosters for a sharper and alert mind

Let’s eat elephant’s ears

A feast from the jungle awaits all our wildlife enthusiasts. Gobble up goodies prepared from elephant-ear plant...

A Jamun Jungle

The wild fruit is quite popular with monkeys as it was with ancient saints

Mango mania

Chill with mango at the peak of heat. You can sample at least one kind of this tropical fruit every day for the next 5 years. No kidding...