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Back to schools and colleges, are we? I hope you all had a swell vacation. One of our little readers from Bengaluru

Hello friends

Robert Redford, the famous Hollywood actor, once said: “I think the environment should be put in the category of national security.

Hello friends

As you find your way through what this special issue on Travel has to offer, allow me to pontificate on another form of travel that we all do

Hi friends,

So the battles with question papers and assignment booklets have been fought and the pencils and pens have—for the moment—been laid to rest

Hello friends

The other day, I read somewhere that supermarkets in some parts of the world resort to really shady practices to sell their wares—for instance

Dear folks

Last month I was in a little town nestling in the hills of Western Ghats, chatting with a group of voluble, brimming-with-energy teenagers.

I A(in’t)S: Who wants a government job?

I know a lot of bright, young civil services aspirants looking to clear the tedious process that is trying to get a government job.

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Come February, and it’s back to books and notes and cramming and mugging, is it? Or do you do it a tad differently? Read, understand, think, ingest…? There is much to be said for both the ways. Cramming, something which I remember many of us had perfected almost into a form of art, has its advantages—it makes you a master of the subject, so to speak, over the short term. Usually, as soon as the exams are over, everything one has crammed evaporates… poof!! The other option offers longer term benefits, point out its votaries.

Hello friends

A strange choice, many might say—to talk of pulses in a year’s first issue

Hi folks

For most of us who are old and hoary (relatively speaking, that is), comics had been an essential part of our growing up. Phantom, Mandrake and Lothar, Tarzan, Spiderman, Superman, Calvin and Hobbs, Tintin, Garfield, Asterix… the list stretched on, brought to us through the pages of Indrajaal and Marvel comics and sundry magazines.