Moving on tyrelessly

In India, about 100 million tyres require recycling annually, which is about 275,000 tyres (675 shipping containers or 2,399 tonnes) every day! And here is someone who is doing something about it

Craving for a home

House sparrows are disappearing fast and making their way into the extinct list. Meet Rakesh Khatri, who's doing his bit to save them

Turning plastic into a resource

Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Sikkim is leading the way to reduce plastic waste

Defenders of food waste

This army is redistributing food from restaurants and hotels to the less fortunate sections of society

Organic revolution

Farmers in Mandya district of Karnataka, which saw the highest number of suicides last year, are becoming richer under the guidance of  Madhuchandan Chikkadevaiah

Why is organic farming important in India?

Bawri man of Jodhpur

Jodhpur was once famous for its stepwells (or bawris). What happened?

Toy with this Idea

Not everyone sees a broken toy as junk to be thrown away.

A bird’s eye view

Meet Vikas Madhav, 15, the birdman of Chennai, who can identify over 1,000 species in the Indian subcontinent...

The power of eight

A visit to the Yamuna metamorphosed into ‘The Dying River’ campaign by these grade XI students of Vasant Valley, Delhi. The RTI and fundraising activists share their story with GT.

Cool Composter

Is it a pot, a gamla, or a tower? Wait for it! It’s a kambha for composting...