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Food Fight: Good vs Bad… sorry… Junk

COVER STORY | Junk food is bad for your health. We have brought this up time and again. We have written reports, roared from rooftops, and even run a marathon to get the word out. So why are we going back to the same story? Because the story may have been told and retold, but the message is yet to sink in. Why?

The Sun is Up

COVER STORY Gaps in grid power and India’s ‘crushing poverty’ are cited as reasons for the success of individual off-grid solar power. But it has its limitations. So how do we make sure that more than a million households in India do not continue to go dark after sunset? And then, look for a way forward.

Testing the wetlands: In the land of the mighty Raavan

COVER STORY It is not about the sparkling golden beaches or the spectacular heritage sites. Neither is it about the people, surprisingly untouched by the country’s war-ravaged too-recent past. It is not even about the awe-inspiring wildlife or the famously picturesque tea estates. We found out the truth about Sri Lanka. And it is...

Are our Heads Stuck in the Sand??

COVER STORY The construction industry, as we are all witnessing, is growing in India. It accounts for about 8 per cent of the country’s annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But at the cost of what? More construction means more sand. Think of it like this. Sand is a natural carpet on the bottom of a river. It acts as an aquifer. What will happen if this carpet is removed?


COVER STORY GT sifts through the fluff, steps around the jargon, dives into the lengthy regulations and comes out covered in labels from tip to toe.We have found out the label from the lie...

Wishful Walking: Solace in sidewalks

COVER STORY Indian roads are war zones for the average pedestrian.  Why is it that planners who design roads in India only care about cars and motor vehicles? Who is looking out for the pedestrian? GT spent some time pondering these questions and found that...

How did WE Do on WED?

Okay, June is upon us again, bringing with it the day which seems to be growing more popular (and more gimmicky?) each passing year. So what did you do to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) this year – Plant a sapling? Start and half-way abandon a compost pit?Switch off your lights and fans and air conditioners for one measly hour on one day a year? In other words, a day full of frenzied activities to declare, loud and clear, that we care? This year, why don’t we stop for a moment to think about how much this 'caring' has contributed to making the planet a little more liveable. GT did exactly that and we concluded that it all added up to a big ZERO. Disappointed? Don’t be. We never leave you with unresolved problems. Here are some alternative ideas for you to try out, not just on June 5, but every day of the coming year.

Happy Holidays! Activity Special

Hurray, it is that time of the year again and the beloved summer holidays are here! Yes, there is scorching heat. And no, you will not be able to play like silly outdoors. But do not forget, this is the time when you can be lazy like crazy and enjoy the indoors. Hey, hang on a moment. The vacations are for you, not necessarily for your brain cells, right? Carrying the Gobar Times legacy forward, here are some engaging, entertaining and brain-boosting activities.
Have fun!

Tug of Tower Wars

The battle lines are drawn – cell phone towers: cancer causing or crucial for communication! On one side, weighing in on the matter since 1990s are field experts, medical professionals and scientists, and on the challenging side, making mobile networks possible are cellular network operators and skeptical consumers. Whose side are you on?

Atlantis in Allahabad