Cover Story

Talking Time

Why talk about ‘Time’ in a cover story, someone asked. Why not, we replied. After all, this is one entity which has no tangible physical presence...

Time for a BREAK

As temperatures soar in the months of May-June and schools and colleges start downing their shutters, we—the people living in cities—tend to undergo a transformation. We start dreaming of cooler climes. We begin pouring over travel advertisements with longing. And we leave behind our humdrum lives and jobs and schools, etc, to zoom off to destinations exotic and non-exotic. We become travellers.

Catching ’em young

Education, they say, remains half-baked if it’s not begun right. Take our environment education: what would you say is the ‘right way’ of learning about it

False food

This is the age of hard sell: everything that is or can be on sale, is being sold aggressively through promotions, advertisements, media campaigns, claims of how good the product is, what health benefits it supposedly has etc...

Money on our minds

That’s what, as a nation, we do at the outset of every year—we think of money. This is the time when our government is almost done with thinking,

Walk the pulses talk

The New Year has begun...The United Nations has declared 2016 as the “International Year of Pulses” to raise knowledge of the many nutritional benefits of pulses. What does this mean for India?

Not so black and white

Fairness creams and other similar cosmetics are not the solution for all your troubles, as the ads proclaim. They can have serious health effects—which is one of the messages of this Piu & Pom trip of discovery.

My kind of Festival

Children’s perception about the environmental impacts of the festivals celebrated in India

Fest Food

Food is happiness (and vice versa). We may never need an excuse to sink our teeth into a lip-smacking delicacy, but what food do we eat when we want to celebrate? What festivals do we celebrate as an excuse to savour the season’s first delights? What is the connection between the food we eat, the festivals we have, and our environment?


In this day and age of food that is fast and largely unhealthy, do our festivals play a role in bringing to our plates food that is good? Let’s get a taste of it all, as we step into this festival season...

Wildlife post

The mailman has arrived. The wildlife philately express warrants that all Shambhu Shikaris don their hats to hunt down stamps for their scrapbook.