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E C O    T I T - B I T S      F R O M     A R O U N D   T H E     W O R L D

p62_1.jpg (6270 bytes)Arthritis drug and dying vultures
A mysterious and precipitous plunge in the number of vultures in the Indian subcontinent has been linked to the drug diclofenac. A study says it causes kidney failure in vultures when they eat the carcasses of animals that had been treated with it.

The New York Times

p62.jpg (9544 bytes)Environment yes, jobs no?
The decision to introduce environment over geography as a compulsory subject in schools and colleges has been met with anger in Bihar. Students feel that studying environment will not fetch them jobs.

The Times of India

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Gujarat villagers use mangroves to fight ocean fury
In 10 years, tidal waves have eaten into lots of cultivable land in coastal Khantiajal village. Villagers have planned extensive cultivation of mangroves — the only plant that thrives in sea and brackish water — in over 500 hectares of muddy land along the coast. Mangroves can check soil erosion and increase fish production, claim optimistic villagers.

Indian Express

Monsanto's chapatis anger India
A patent filed in Europe gives Monsanto rights over the use of Nap Hal wheat to make chapatis, which consist of flour, water and salt. Greenpeace is attempting to block Monsanto's patent, accusing the company of "bio-piracy".

The Guardian

Migratory birds are OK
In a bid to allay public fears, Taiwan and Singapore have studied 1020 droppings of migratory birds and none were found to carry the deadly bird flu virus.

The Standard