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Toy with this Idea

A toy is every child’s joy. Sometimes they are tiny versions of actual objects existing in the natural world, at other times we love them for the way they move, or their parts move. Sometimes their shapes are funny, at other times their bright colours make us happy. Sometimes the sounds they make make us burst with laughter, still other times we adore them for their intelligent designs.

Humpty Dumpty

But toys break easily. Most toys are brittle and made from material not quite capable of withstanding the energy of childhood. A broken toy is a sad sight. Unless we have some fond memory associated with it, we just sigh and discard it in a bin. Do we ever think of ways in which we can recycle a broken toy?

Resurrection boy

Vedant Dhiren Thaker does. A student of class 6 in Shantinagar High School, Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra, he collects the scrap from his broken toys to make innovative gadgets from them. Sometimes, he breaks his toys on purpose, disassembling them carefully and saving all the electronic parts obtained from the inside.

Recycling laptop batteries

Moving to bigger “toys” Vedant has obtained a provisional patent for his idea of recycling lithium-ion batteries used as a source of power in laptops. Once a battery gets old, it begins to charge erratically and discharges quickly. We give it half a thought before throwing the entire battery away. Vedant proposes to open the battery case and check each individual cell. Most of these cells have residual charge inside them. They can be connected to LED lights and used to brighten the nights of many.

Remote-controlled door

Observing that his mother had to get up to answer the door every time somebody rang the bell, Vedant decided to created a door lock system which could be operated by a remote control. To build this, he used spare parts from his broken remote-controlled toy car. He connected the remote control, motor driving mechanism, rechargeable batteries and the remote control circuit used inside the car to make a prototype device that opens the lock of the main door in his house with a remote control, and has enough range to be easily operated from all parts of the house.

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Toy with this Idea