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Silent night. Unholy night

  December 3, 1984  

  3000 Die within a day as poisonous mic gas leaks from union carbide factory in Bhopal. 

About 20, 000 succumb over the next 25 years

Neither Union Carbide nor the later owner Dow Chemicals take responsibility for the world largest industrial disaster. While the Indian Government sued Union Carbide for US $3.3 billion, it settled for a measly US $470 mn in 1989.






25 Years Later...

Victims still await justice. Their demands: adequate monetary compensation, extradition of Warren Anderson- then chief of Union Carbide, better medical facilities, and clean drinking water.




Residents who have been drinking the polluted groundwater suffer health hazards.
Recent tests reveal that toxic waste from the factory has been polluting Bhopal’s soil and ground water for 25 years.


On the 25th anniversary of the disaster Warren Andersons effigy awaits burning
While the state government plans to open the factory for public viewing, victims demand a clean-up of the site and adjoining areas.

A man reads the days newspaper leaning on a decripit rehabilitation shed meant for victims

Photo story by Sayantan Bera


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Silent night. Unholy night