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Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The
Secret Danger of Everyday Things
Rick Smith and
Bruce Lourie

If you regard only chimneys bellowing smoke and muck in rivers as harmful pollution, you have another thing coming. These two brave environmentalists from Toronto holed up in an apartment for one week and served themselves a toxic cocktail by microwaving canned food in plastic containers and repeatedly lathering Pantene into their hair. Upon testing levels of toxins in their blood they discovered… Relying on their witty style, the authors put together a brilliant exposé of corporations feeding us toxic chemicals in Bisphenol-laden baby bottles, while parsing scientific studies to back up their first-hand evidence. Myth and mind shattering stuff, this.
Mens, loos and number twos
Andrew Oxley, English/2.19 minutes

How long does an average British man take for his morning ablutions? In a world where 2.6 billion people have no access to a toilet, British filmmakers Andrew Oxley and David Williams are looking for the most interesting loos in England and the people behind them. Tour through the wackiest toilets, step around quirky urinals, kitschy commodes and tacky toilet pots and meet some of the most enthusiastic potty people ever. And of course, come back to the sobering sanitation reality…

Step up, it is your time to shine. As global citizens getting actively engaged with the planet is not only important, it has now become easier. MY World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. You simply list your priorities from actions such as Protecting forests, rivers and oceans, Action taken on climate change and Political freedoms, and enter your name, age and country! The UN promises to make your voice heard by world leaders in the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty.

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