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imageFootsteps through the salad

Tim Wrey, Rs 690

imageFootsteps through the salad is where Gerard Durrell meets Wikipedia. Tim Wrey, a former advertising agency employee in London, moved to Auroville in 1977, after what should have been a 48-hour layover in 1973 turned into a life-long love affair.

In this book, Wrey does not attempt to inform, educate or even entertain. He is merely sharing his experience of living in a “rich and wonderful natural world” that at times baffles him, humbles him and mostly, gets the better of him.

Amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, micro-organisms, reptiles and even natural phenomena like rainbows, monsoons, cyclones in the Auroville area of Puducherry in Tamil Nadu have been painstakingly researched and beautifully presented for all to read, understand and enjoy.

As you leaf through this 315- page compendium, you may often catch yourself taking off on your own imagined accounts of when Tim would have encountered the animal he is writing about. This one is a to-be-savoured-slowly memoir that could become your best friend on a rainy day.


Like to keep abreast with latest environmental news and views? Well, this website offers you much more than that. Take a byte of ‘From Amateur Artist to Nazi Führer: The Paintings of Young Adolf Hitler’, which features fine paintings of European countryside and flower vases by the Third Reich headliner; or a photo gallery of the ‘Remains of England’s top-secret Turbine Testing Site’.

It features videos, podcasts, photo galleries, mashups and exposés, split across categories like Nature, Technology, People, Travel, Outdoor etc. This is the site you turn to for that interesting tidbit that sets you apart from regular environmental nerds.

imageimageFLOW: For the Love of Water

Directed by Irena Salina, English/2008, 94 mins

We all bemoan the fact that more than half of the 200 million people from around the globe who die from drinking dirty water every year, are children. But did you know that there exists an innovative technology that treats biologically contaminated water and supplies it to over 250,000 villagers in rural Andhra Pradesh? All thanks to Professor Ashok Gadgil.

FLOW displays the knowledge and experience of such innovators, activists, experts and authors and uncovers many issues connected to an all-important resource – water. Irena deftly weaves together issues such as privatisation and contamination of water or displacement of communities due to large dams — leaving one breathless and thirsty for more. The documentary ends on a hopeful note voiced by people’s movements taking control of their water resources across countries, such as India, South Africa, Bolivia, the US, and Argentina.

imageSoak up the spring

Sunny springtime is here! And we insist that you savour this season. Catch some sun, spring clean and get set for the warm outdoor weather to return. Has scrapbooking interested you?

imageMake a seasonal scrapbook detailing species that turn in this weather. Compile leaves of trees and plants on their way out and those on their way in. Or learn woodworking and make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. You could turn to the most rewarding of spring time activities – gardening. Start a windowsill flower garden or a kitchen garden.

Tomatoes, paper rose, pumpkin etc are species that grow well and without much effort. If you are more if an indoors person, then finish all the pending books on your reading list. Or start writing! You could end up published, in Gobar Times no less…  

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