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Online Buzz - October 15 2011

We are delighted to put the spotlight on Giridhar Lakshmanan, an active member of our online family who cleaned a neighourhood pond and inspired many more to take action! “We cleaned the temple pond of all the non biodegradable waste and with the help of the area Councillor, got the waste transported to a corporation landfill. The first lesson is to never lose hope. Second, not all politicians are bad. So, give them a chance and if need be, ask them for help,” he says. Lesson learnt, we say!

It is this kind of stuff that gets us going. Remember Venkataraman Ramachandran, the bright lad who enjoyed the spotlight last month? Well, one of his curious queries about the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in ITC’s Fiama Di Wills (FDW) shower gel got the manufacturing company to share some facts with us. Here’s what it said: “SLS is a widely used surfactant in cleaning products, cosmetics and personal care products. Its use has been thoroughly evaluated and determined to be safe for consumers and the environment. There has been false and misleading information on the Internet stating that the use of SLS in consumer producst in unsafe, including claims that links exist between SLS use and cancer, as well as some other human ailments such as skin irritation, hair loss and dysfunctions of biological systems. These reports are contrary to findings of numerous industry and government assessments of the ingredient. In any case, this ingredient is not used in any of our showe gels including the specific case of FDW mentioned.”


@ {Sublimediya }
Very impressive and detailed analysis. The graphical representation is self explanatory. Great article!
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@ {Mahashakti Dasi }
A very new field need proper dissemination for people actually to understand, otherwise it will remain confined to the four wall of the labs. In times to come, stem cell culture will be in focus for many ailments so better to understand it earlier. Such technologies need to be given wider publicity by media citing the successful cases like the recent one.
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@ {Mahashakti Dasi}
I'd like to know the source of the getalin. I've heard it comes from cows? What are the facts?
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@ {Gobar Times }
The production of the gelatin starts without any refinement of collagen

bearing tissues of any animal, usually from a slaughter
house This is then soaked in alkalies and/or acids and
washed in clean water to remove almost all non-collagen constituents, including meat. During this soaking period the collagen is converted to gelatin. The treated materials are then
cooked gently in pure water to
extract the gelatin, which is
further refined by filtration.

It is interesting to note that during manufacture of gelatin, chemical changes take place so that, in the final gelatin product, the composition and identity
of the original material is completely eliminated.
Because of this, gelatin is not considered a meat food product by many governments. Gelatin has many uses, one of them is coating of pills.

@ {Varadi Siddharth }
Doing a great job! I have been reading GT since my school days and I am always asking for more!

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Online Buzz - October 15 2011