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Letters - June 15 2008

    Dear Panditji,    

Some B’day wishes...

Old Readers and Just ins some more...

Dear Pandit ji,

Ten years is a long time! All credits to your publication for evolving over that period from a magazine aimed at the younger generation to one that addressed all. I've been a reader of GT since its inception. And it has been a wonderful, eyeopening ride! With eye-catching layout (something that so many publications ignore) and easy-tounderstand content, it has been rendering yeoman service in reaching out the importance of environment to all age groups.

Many a times the content of GT has formed the basis of EVS projects for my child and other students. With bouquet to deliver, the brickbats... there are none. I could only suggest that maybe if the content could get a little local flavour wherein every once in a while, issues pertaining to specific cities and towns are taken up. Maybe that might call for a fortnightly publishing pattern... I wish many more years to your wonderful publication and 'may your tribe increase!'

Via e-mail

Dear Pandit ji,

Congratulations to Gobar Times on the occasion of completing 10 years in publication! I have been a subscriber of GT for the past six months. I’ve always greatly appreciated GT for the pleasing way in which it is published, filled with attractive colour sketches and not too lengthy articles (and hence never tiring to take in its entirety). The key reason for GT being a good read is that it is concise and small, while being colourful and informative. Please remember this and ensure that you do not become too bulky and thus boring.

Via e-mail

Younglings and (G) Oldies

Dear Pandit ji,

My 10 year-old nephew waits for Gobar Times eagerly. Whenever he sees DTE, the first thing he does is to check for GT. He has benefited from it immensely and has become sensitive towards environment.

Nimisha Shukla
Prof. and Head, Departent of Rural
Economics, Gujarat Vidyapeeth

... I find GT very interesting, particularly for my daughter who is in class X

Pradeep Bhatnagar,
Via e-mail

Dear Pandit ji,

My 23 year-old daughter and I have been regular readers of GT for the last 6-7 years. She loves it. It has helped in sensitising her towards environmental issues.

Arun and Sonam
Vijay Mandal Enclave, New Delhi

Dear Pandit ji,

You are doing a good job. Although I am 60 plus, I don’t miss the opportunity to go through it.

Air Vice-Marshal (Retd.)
PCS Rautela

Teachers and students

Dear Pandit ji,

Thank you for being so lively and interesting! I, being the head of an institution, take care that GT is read by the staff and students. Sometimes, I send special notes to my colleagues from it. I love it.

Gurmeet Singh
Principal, DAV Sr. Sec. Public
School, Cheeka, Kaithal, Haryana

Dear Pandit ji

I like GT very much and find it informative. It is written in simple and interesting way. It educates us about environmental problems and how to protect earth. It is great!

Tanya Srivastava
Christ Church Girls S.S. School,


Dear Pandit ji,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and the Gobar Times staff for completing a decade of publication. I'm a reader of Gobar Times for a very long time (I mostly check it on the website). I must say that the supplement is a great piece of work. Every new issue is truly amazing – in every sense. For the last few months though, or may be a year, the quality and the material of the magazine has vastly improved. The topics and articles have become more rooted to realities. There is an unique feel about the magazine. The design work certainly has played wonders, but the thorough research is the major player. This change is much welcome. Also, complements to GT staff for the truly impressive genetic engineering story. It is exceptionally well-done.

Dr. A Goswami
Via e-mail

Dear Pandit ji,

Gobar Times is ten years old! Great news! I have been a regular reader of Gobar Times. It was actually a shock when I saw it for the first time ten years back, of all the names ‘Gobar’! Then of course I learnt the value of Gobar in the coming times. Look forward to get an exclusive, full-length Gobar Times instead of a piggyback on DTE, soon. Keep up the great show!

Madhu Menon
Environment educator and
communicator, Ahmedabad

Dear Pandit ji,

Congratulations and wish you many more years of fruitful issues. I have been a happy reader of GT, as it caters to the needs of both children and adults by disseminating valuable information on many topics of ecology, environment and day-to-day life in a very simple manner. The writeups contain a lot of information, which an average individual normally may not know. I look forward to see uninterrupted publication for years to come.

T.C. Madhava Panicker
Via e-mail 

... GT is simple, to-thepoint and purely Indian. Local issues and incidents help us to relate to them.


Dear Pandit ji,

It is a moment of pride for all readers - young and old. Definitely no abuses only praises and some suggestions. I remember when Gobar Times was first released with large pages. I like that set-up better because:

  • One can store it separately, easy to find some article and carry around.
  • Easy to put up on the students’ notice board. Suggestions:
  • I still remember topics like lagaan and ecological footprint. So, select topics that are must know for students. (I don’t mean that present topics are not good.)
  • CSE has a mine of information, which is used by many authors of environment education books. If CSE publishes something for students it would be better. Or have section in GT.
  • Make it more activity-based. Give ideas, green games or stories, so that it is not taken as ‘one more burden’ by students. Make it a
  • learning experience outside the four walls.
  • Bring back the old charm (old is gold!)


Thank you, GT wallahs! All your letters have filled my heart with joy and pride. These are just few of your wishes. The rest, I’ve taken home. Please keep sending more letters to make me more happy! Till then, bye!



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