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Centre of Science and Environment is a research and advocacy organisation. We work on environmental issues of public interest. We started the Green Schools Programme in 2005 with a simple idea. We wanted to develop a programme, which would help us learn. Not just the idea but the practice of making change 'work'. We believe that it is always best to to learn by doing and it is always best to do by learning. It is this simple idea we converted into the Green Schools Programme - How green is my school? manual which provides tasks for schools to begin rating their performance. Each step provides the criterion; its weightage and the method by which we could learn how green we are and how green we could be.

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The 500 point audit conducted by students using the manual leads to a report that benchmarks environmental practices of the school community. These benchmarks are then used by the schools to improve their environmental practices. We verify the reports sent by schools and certify their performance on a graded four colour scale, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Every year we organise an awards ceremony in Delhi to recognise the top performing schools. Verified profiles of all participating schools are posted on our website Students and Teachers who conduct the audit are also certified as Green Auditors. The programme is very useful for teachers to transact NCERT curriculum and evaluate students using CCE. Green Schools Programme manual, is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Gurmukhi, Gujarati and Urdu. The pan-India Green Schools Programme network is more than 15,000 schools strong.

We would be delighted if your school would participate in the programme. We are willing to go the extra mile to enable your school complete the programme. We have made participation simpler for schools. Please see attached Information Sheet for details. We shall hand hold the teacher you nominate as coordinator of the programme in your school. Students who actually conduct the audit are free to contact us to clarify the problems they face.

Please contact me for details on by email or 9873926822 by phone.

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