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IPCC report


The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), is an international body of scientists who work together to synthesize the latest climate research into policy recommendations and guidelines for the public. Presented here are the basic conclusions of the latest IPCC Special Report which talks and warns of extreme weather patterns. The conclusions are:

  • Heat Waves & Hotter Days
  • Increase in the frequency and magnitude of warm daily temperature extremes
  • Decreases in cold extremes will occur in the 21st century on the global scale
  • The length, frequency and/or intensity of warm spells, or heat waves, will increase over most land areas.
  • More Droughts & Rain, Nastier Hurricanes
  • Heavy precipitation will occur more often, and the wind speed of tropical cyclones will increase while their number will likely remain constant or decrease
  • More intense droughts in many regions
  • Storms will become more intense, with higher wind speeds, but not more frequent and potentially even less frequent.
  • "Heavy precipitation" is expected to increase - meaning harder rains in wet areas.

Attached is the IPCC report Summary, have a look!

Download pdf here >>





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IPCC report