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Holiday Fun

    Summer Bonanza   

Summer is in, school is out! Here are a few easy-to-do activities for you, which may give you something more than just enjoyment.

Neighbourhood watch

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look at what makes one place different from the other.

  • Make a list of places you would like to visit. Locate them on a map and make a trip there – real or imaginary (based on facts about those places of course).
  • If you live near a stream or a creek, or a park, go there and spend time talking about its uses.
  • Read about your state bird and state flower, and go for a bicycle ride to a nearby park to find them.
  • You can watch special events, and concerts.

Make museum

You can visit the nearest museum. And

  • Start your collection and build your own museum. You can choose natural materials, starting from leaves to seashells and rocks.

Meet and greet

Interview the interesting people you meet, such as painters and backyard naturalists, in your neighborhood. They will be eager to share their knowledge with you.

Agro experience

You can arrange for a village tour. You may compare your observation about the village life with city life. Explore a village market, for example, and find out how is it different from a city market.

  • You can do activities like organic farming, orchard management and livestock management.

Or simply go to a park, pack a picnic dinner and enjoy time with your family.

Find Fossils

This can be real fun. You need clay, items to imprint like leaves, coins, shells or small toys, shoe polish and acrylic sealer.

  1. Make a rock or plaque shape from the clay.
  2. Flatten one side to create a smooth surface.
  3. Make imprints with objects.
  4. When it dries, rub on shoe polish and acrylic sealer.
  5. Bury them in sand or dirt.

Have an expedition to dig up these ‘fossils’ like a Paleontologist!

Ruling bird

Do you know which bird dominates your area? Try this:

  1. Keep a bowl filled with water in your balcony or terrace garden, and scatter some grain every morning. Observe how many types of birds accept your invitation.
  2. The bird you observe the most times is the bird that dominates in your area.

Treasure Hunt

There are many different ways to plan a treasure hunt (this treasure can simply be chocolates or pens).

  1. You can hide clues in different locations.


  2. Each clue can lead to the location of the next clue. Just make them easy to identify. They could also be riddles to be solved by the players.
  3. Make a treasure map (or list of directions) that would lead to the treasure.


  4. Make letters, using paper, that spell out the location of the treasure. The players need to find the letters, than
    unscramble the word to find figure out where is the treasure.

  5. Write up a list of common objects and the players have to find every item.
  6. Clues could be short poems with missing words to figure out.
  7. Or you may write the clues in code.

Whosoever unravels the clues on time, finds the treasure!



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