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‘Selfie’ made it to the official dictionary. Language research conducted by editors of Oxford Dictionaries revealed that the frequency of usage of the word increased by 17,000 per cent in the last two years. The GT team was inspired. Here, we share with you our very own bona fide ‘GT Environment Dictionary’. Enjoy reading it and make sure you send across your additions.

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A selfie taken atop a tree

A region/state/area rich in minerals

No other capital city in the world has fouler air than ours. Perhaps giving air pollution a new name will act as a catalyst and bring a change.

An underground source of water that does not exist anymore. This is the missing water is no longer contained in a layer of rock, sand or gravel.

A report on all the missing information on environment related issues.Like a database of missing lakes,maybe.

The quality of walking facilities and conditions on the road that make them safe and ‘walkable’’. Pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks, crosswalks, stairways, ramps and transit stops are supposed to be well-lit and clean, obstruction free, wide and safe for crossing the road (and ideally, disabled-friendly). All these features push up a city’s walkability quotient.

Government officials, business and industry, researchers and scientists who still believe that the existence of climate change 'requires further investigation and evidence'.

Farms with crops so thickly sprayed with chemical pesticides that bees buzzing past drop dead.

A polite term to describe those who care about their ecological footprint on an ailing planet.

Excise duty on cigarettes, pan masala, gutkha and aerated drinks with sugar has been increased as per India’s Union Budget 2014. Aerated drinks are the new tobacco then?

Absolute lack of action on the part of the authorities to put an affordable transport system in place for the teeming millions in cities.

A tongue in cheek reference to the often fake fad of organic produce.

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