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GSP launches green community portal for students and teachers

On November 14, the GSP network will launch its virtual community, www.greenschoolsprogramme.org for the school community. Yes, students and teachers will have their very own place where they can share their thoughts and ideas with their peers and be inspired to learn and share green practices.

If you are already a part of the GSP network, your school has registered for the GSP Audit 2015 and you are part of the GSP Audit team, then it clearly demonstrates that you care about the environment.

But now we want you to go a step further.

GSP’s community portal is a fun platform designed to connect all those who care about the environment and want to make a difference. Teachers and students can register and be part of the green network.

Your school may be a green school—a resource efficient school that optimises energy efficiency, minimises waste generation, catches and recycles water, etc. But how green are you in your personal life, outside of the school hours. Is “being green” a way of life for you, a habit?

If you are conscious about the environment and take care not to abuse what has been provided to us, then here is a place where you can announce what you do and be recognised. If you are not, then go through the checklist and start practicing the simple ideas listed. You will be surprised to learn that some of your daily habits do qualify as a green practice.

On the community website, you can crowd-source green ideas, update your peers on your latest green activity, post, share or like comments. Each member will be the keeper of the website, and it is with active engagement from each member that the GSP community portal will have a life of its own.

The site will be easy-to-navigate, interactive and feature-rich. Pictures, news you can use, fun facts will all be available to make the community vibrant. With the support of each member, we want the GSP community to be a powerful platform for members to expand their knowledge of sustainable practices, interact with like-minded people and create a vibrant civic/ green movement that has the power to bring about change on the ground. From online, we move offline!

To give you an example: If you have a PUC (Pollution Under Check) certificate for your family or personal vehicle, then all you need to do is find the activity in the list provided on the website, upload the certificate and voila! You get 200 points! See, it’s that simple! Or you gain 50 points if you share with all of us that you switch off lights and fans—when not in use. Or if you have posted a comment on the forum, then you will be awarded with 500 points! You build your green profile as you announce your activities.

Once you complete all the activities listed on the website, you and your friends will be able to see if you are truly a green yodha or not!


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GSP launches green community portal for students and teachers