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The Gobar Times Green Schools Programme

How the rating helped schools understand their resource use

Gobar Times Green Schools Programme (GSP) is an ‘inspection’ or ‘survey’ of a school done by its students on its environmental practices (which we call environmental auditing).

The students form teams and go around the school on an exploratory journey and find out what’s happening – to the water, energy, land, air and waste in the school. How is the school managing these issues? And the fun part is that till now the school was giving report cards to the students but now the students prepare a report card of the school on its environmental performance.

The manual
The audit is done with the help of an interesting handbook called the Green Schools Programme Manual. This manual gives you a step by step guidelines on how to conduct an environmental audit in the school. Every year thousands of students produce report cards of their schools and help them to improve and move towards becoming greener schools.

Why different?
GT-GSP is not a run-of-the-mill rating process. It is an audit, which helps in taking stock of the environment and natural resource management. It suggests steps for improving performance and for benchmarking nationally. It ensures implementation of these steps in the future for a better school habitat, and a more environmentally aware and involved school community.

We acknowledge
The ability of schools to conduct and complete such an audit within a limited time period, with technically untrained teams, is unparalleled.

Why GSP is a must?
It reinforces the fact that schools are an extremely powerful medium for generating interest and mobilising action among students, who are from diverse age groups and socio-economic backgrounds.



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