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   The Green Gang    

The Gobar Times Green Schools Award brought forth a lot of innovative and enterprising schools, which broke conventional teaching and activity norms to execute the Green Schools Programme. The children who were usually encouraged to write essays on air pollution actually put words into action by checking out the pollution levels of school vehicles.

All the much used writings on the wall like “save electricity” and “create less waste” acquired a new meaning as the students went about digging out electricity bills from school offices and weighing waste. Some of the teachers shared with Gobar Times, their experience of executing the programme.

    GSP Rank 13    
    St. Joseph’s Guntur (A.P)     

Teacher Coordinator –
Ms Prasanthi Putota

“We had divided ourselves into five audit teams with ten students in each team along with one teacher coordinator. Every team went around the school campus. They observed, noted down, analysed the school campus, each classroom, administrative office, staff rooms, kitchen, dining hall, dormitories, lavatories, bathrooms, green area etc.

The land audit team took the measurements of paved area, unpaved area, all the rooms in the school with the help of the school architect. With the assistance of the school electrician, the energy audit team had located the power points, the electric meters and observed transformer and its capacity.

The water audit team visited district metereological department and found out the rainfall of the district, its measurements and other details. The air audit team approached every student, auto driver, bus driver, rickshaw driver and noted down the mode of transport, vehicle maintenance, its speed, the fuel and the mileage given.

The waste audit team checked the waste points of the school, measured the degradable and biodegradable waste, how the waste is disposed, the usage of biodegradable waste in the compost and vermi-composting pit. After a thorough observation, we went to each class in groups and shared our work with students and discussed with them the need to protect and conserve natural resources.”

      Best Green Schools Chain      

     Kerala Public School Trust     

Director - Vijayam Kartha “The school campus woke up with the audit teams going around auditing air, water, etc. Such an audit was something very new to us and was an eye-opener. Every audit team under the leadership of one or two teachers tried to compete amongst themselves to do a good job.

For the first time we counted the number of trees in our campus and identified them. It was 100 per cent practical work and we are sure that this learning is going to stay with us, specially the students.

We also saw a positive change in the attitude of our students and teachers. Many students have started the audit at their own homes. I hope that the day is not far off when different education Boards of our country will make it an integral part of our environment curriculum.

At Kerala Public Schools, we have decided to include it in the environment curriculum of class VIII.”

       Gobar Scope        


Happy feet

An animation film about a Penguin in Antarctica who ventures out of his colony to find the reason for shortage of fish in the sea. The film is about his adventurous journey. Aliens are often the ‘bad guys’ in Hollywood films. Here, human beings are made to play the role. As they fish excessively leading to a shortage. An enjoyable film with an environmental message.


The NCERT textbook on environmental studies for class III is indeed a step further in terms of making teaching more activity oriented and hands on. The sections on food diversity and housing are presented in an interesting manner. Children from different regions introduce their homes. An engaging way to introduce environment to students.

      NATURE TOURS      

The National Nature camping programme of WWF India provides excellent opportunities to explore natural habitats in India. The camps offer real adventure with nature trails and tenting in the jungle. With tours planned every month – its time to get wild. For more information visit www.wwfindia.org

GT        NETPICKS      

http://www.epa.gov/students/ Check out this one stop site for all aspects of environment education for both teachers and students. Be it activities or academics, projects or just environment basics — its all there on this site. Do click on the ‘Fun Activities’ link — the activiies are truly amazing.

http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/eek/ EEK! Environment Education for Kids is an electronic magazine for kids. If you are interested in nature and wildlife — its worth a look. You can also send in your contribution to the magazine — be it a write up or a drawing.

www.ecokids.ca/pub/index.cfm Hey you all ecokids. Here’s something great for you. The site, though Canada based, has some interesting environment games that you can play online. And learn a few things in the process. Check out the eco calendars for new year — an eco job every day.

    GSP RANK 17     
    Pinnacle School, New Delhi     

Teacher – Bindu Khanna

‘It was a totally new experience, to work on GSP. The results were unbelievable! Many students volunteered to take part in the Green Schools Programme. It started from students’ curiosity and had rub-on effect on teachers, support staff and even the parents.” The students of the school stayed back after school to measure waste. It’s no surprise that the school won the Best Student Audit Team Award.

    GSP RANK 12     
    Gyan Mandir School, Delhi     

Teacher – Ranjeeta Rani

“When the audit was introduced and made mandatory last year, many hesitated and grumbled as it required innovation, skills and ideas besides inherent interest. The whole school eventually became engaged in this programme. And that’s what was required.

The authorities, prinicipal, office staff, teachers- everyone knew what was required. Though sometimes people were unhappy about the extra work, they got deeply interested as the work progressed. Students of course had fun doing it.”

Gobar Times invites readers to share and seek information about Green Schools at eeu@cseindia.org or write to
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