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Green Schools
Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Deorali
Name of school Total score State Rank National Rank Color code
Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Deorali 473.24 0 2
Final Scores
Water chapter
Air chapter
Land chapter
Energy chapter
Waste chapter
Task Max points Points scored
Water consumption 15 12
Sanitation facilities 15 9
Conservation practices 10 10
Rainwater harvesting 25 15
Waste water reuse/recycle 30 7.48
School initiatives 10 7.5
Total score 100 60.98
Water conservation practices
The school scores 1 point only if it follows a practice in totality.
Install float valves in all tanks to stop overflow 1
Plug leakages in water pipelines and taps in the school 1
Install drop taps at all outlets 1
Set up drip or sprinkler irrigation systems in school 1
Put dual flushes for all water closets or alternative flush system 1
Keep hand wash/soap near ablution taps 1
Ensure toilets are cleaned 4-6 times a day 1
Install flush system on urinal 1
Fix exhaust fan or adequate ventilation in toilets 1
Use of bio-disinfectant and deodorant 1
Waste water reuse/recycling
Most schools use waste water for gardening; some use it in toilets and for cleaning.  
Waste water reuse potential in litres of water per day: 16700
Actual waste water reuse in litres of water per day: 500
Details provided by the school
Water consumption  
Standard consumption Per capita/Per day Day Scholar Day Boarding Residential  
  13 - 17 litres 17 - 23 litres 125 - 135 litres  
Water consumption (per capita)   11.3
Sanitation practices
Load means number of people using one unit of the facility.
Total strength:       1842
  Ideal load      
  Day Scholar Day Boarding Residential  
Number of water closets: 45 35 25 24
Number of urinals: 50 40 30 15
Number of drinking water taps: 50 50 50
Number of ablution taps: 50 50 50 24
Rainwater harvesting
Harvesting potential = Area x Average annual rainfall x Run-off coefficient
Run-off coefficients: Rooftop 0.85; Paved 0.70; Unpaved 0.35
  Rooftop Paved Unpaved  
Land area in square meters: 3960.42 693.33 1133.19  
Average annual rainfall in millimetre: 2534
Points scored 15  
Maximum points 15 7.5 2.5