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Funky Food

Funky Food

Scorching summers are here and it’s time to bring out all your culinary weapons to beat the heat. But with a slight twist. Check out some not-socommon delicacies this season that people are treating themselves to. Go ahead, try some out. Note: They are all fun to eat, and healthy to boot!

    Fruts Galore!   

Nothing says ‘chill out’ like a frosty bowl of fruits, and while we have listed some global samplers, India has no dearth of alternatives, or variety.

    Strawberry Yoghurt smoothie   

Smoothies are everyone’s favourites in the summer but this one is something brand new – cold strawberry slush and semi-frozen yoghurt with a tall straw – healthy, tasty and cool!

    Kiwi Chocolate popsicle   

There is nothing chocolate does not taste good with, right? Buy a dozen of kiwi fruit, peel the skin, and put an icecream stick in it (like a candy bar). And here’s the best part – dip this kiwi bar in a bowl of molten chocolate – enjoy! You could try this with other fruits – mangoes, banana and even apples. 

    Fruit pizza   

Think pizzas sound heavy for summer? We suggest you try one without cheese! Buy tortillas (available in supermarkets), heat them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Spread some peanut butter (also available in supermarkets) on it. Then take different fruits – grapes, apples, strawberries – and either roll it up or cut it into slices, just like a pizza!

    Cucumber-chilli ice lolly   

A frozen dessert but a bit hot and sweet, this treat is made by mixing cucumber juice with lime juice. To this are added chilli powder, pepper, salt and sugar. This odd concoction is then frozen into moulds (like kulfi) with a stick to make it into a candy bar! Enjoy the cool cucumber with a bit of spice!

    Salad, anyone?   

How could we forget the king of fruits? Now, most of us would rather slice a mango and eat it, but this is something you could do with a raw mango. Think tangy, spicy and cold. Mango cubes, cold sprouts, onion, tomatoes, mint chutney and lemon juice – is your mouth watering yet?

    Ginger soda   

Everyone who has ever read Enid Blyton would know about ginger ale. Although a very common drink abroad, it’s not so well known in India but that’s no reason you cannot make your own, desi version. It’s easy, tasty and of course, healthy.

Take an empty glass bottle that you will store the ginger beer in and put a funnel over it. Add a cup of sugar through the funnel and follow that up with a quarter teaspoon of baker’s yeast (easily available at a local super mart).

  These are just some of the crazy summer foods people are trying all over the world to beat the season’s heat. Which one are you going to pick?  

In a cup, grate ginger to make two tablespoons and squeeze one full lemon into the cup. Add this mix into the bottle and pour water to fill the bottle up. Give it a nice shake to dissolve everything and then place the bottle in a warm place for two days so the carbonation can start. After two days, refrigerate the drink. And your fizzy chilled ginger beer is ready!


For those lucky souls living in South India where coconuts are aplenty, there is an interesting choice of a cool drink. How about a tender coconut (minus the water – that’s a common summer drink), scrape out the flesh and put it through a mixer to make a white, milky drink. Now you have two options – add lime juice or orange juice, whatever suits your palate. Throw in some mint leaves and voila! You have a funky drink to chill with.

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Funky Food