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A Gallery of snapshots
of the living world

 1.   Traffic, Mumbai

 2.   An old farmer resting on a
dry patch of land, kerala

 3.   Floods in Bihar


 4.   Woman cooking on Chullah, Delhi


 5.   Close up of an automatic rifle in the
hands of soldier, Srinagar



 6.   City scape, Mumbai


 7.   Bottles of agro-chemical pesticides
lying in a cotton field, Warnagal


 8.   A water closet


 9.   A patch of agricultural land during
the monsoons, Kerala

 10.   Biomass, dung, Bihar


 11.   Rainforests with banana plants
in front, Itanagar


 12.   Fastfood shop, Delhi


 13.   People protesting against the
construction of A dam Bihar


  14.   Water barrage, timil Nadu


 15.   Tribal women making bamboo
baskets, Chattisgarh


 16.   Waste landfill, Delhi


 17.   Jharia, Dhanbad


 18.   A Delhi transport corporation-run bus


 19.   Solar water heater, Himachal Pradesh

  20.   Thermal power plant emitting
smoke, Bhatinda


  21.   A Petrol station, Delhi


  22.   Media Interviews Delhi's
chief minister on
CNG issue, Delhi


  23.   A stepwell, Mehrauli, Delhi


  24.   Women carrying fuel wood, Bihar


 25.   A tapwater system, Delhi


 26.   Women queing up to collect
water from a hand pump, Purulia


 27.   River Yamuna in Delhi


 28.   Nuclear power plant, Kalpakkam


 29.   A monkey drinking bottled water, Delhi

  The Questions  

These were rock-hewn structures, built by nobles and kings in ancient India, to store rainwater. Cities grew around them and people gathered in their underground chambers to socialize in sizzling summers. In modern India, they have been reduced to crumbling ruins. What is it?

     It is the fastest growing urban phenomenon. It takes over the city roads and pollutes the air with its fumes. It is also known to cause asthma, lung diseases and even cancer. What is it?

     It used to be available free of cost—clean, pure and plenty. Now it is packaged in plastic and sold at a price. What is it?

     A huge majority of India’s urban population uses it as the only mode of transport. But its share of road space is steadily shrinking as the battalion of cars continue to swell in the cities. What is it?

     A common feature in every urban household, this appliance is supposed to clear away human excreta. It does, but at an enormous cost of a precious resource. What is it?

     It is a process of extracting valuable minerals from the earth. It supports every industry and drives economy. It pollutes water, erodes soil, destroys forests. It also displaces communities and triggers violent protest movements. What is it?


Here is a list of questions, answers to which can be found in the photographs displayed in pages 72, 73, 74 and 75. Read the questions carefully and identify the relevant visuals, then match the sets correctly. And bingo!...you are ready to join the Gobar Times Environment Quiz Contest.

All you have to do is send your replies to: Panditji (Editor) Gobar Times Environment Education Unit 41,Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110062


by email to panditji@cseindia.org Now sit back and wait for the prizes. Just make sure all your answers are correct and you are among the first 10 entrants.


     Visual proof of how running water bodies are turned into putrid garbage dumps. Almost every river in India suffers from this malady. Yamuna is one of the starkest victims.

     A legal and peaceful mode of registering protest that grows from within. When communities join forces to prevent utsiders—the industry, the government or even the local mafia— from taking over their land, forests and rivers. What is it?

     It is a seasonal wind system that ushers in copious amounts of rain. It is the lifeline of farmers in the Indian subcontinent. Its annual occurrence not only moulds India’s social and cultural trends but sets the pace of the country’s economy. What is it?

     It enters our homes in various forms—as printed sheets, via the satellite, and the Net. It helps us to forge a link with the rest of the Planet. It moulds our opinion on the hottest topics and events, and the most-talked-about personalities. It may sometime invade our privacy. What is it?


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