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Recycle Hero
How many times have you read or heard about recycling? And how many times have you actually recycled anything? This
gaming app with six mini games might just change your answer. Get set to see how recycling happens in three different
surfaces: sea, land and space. Go, be a hero!image

Earth Day Carol
We all love stories. Don’t we? How many of you list Charles Dickens as a favourite? Well, if you like his classic tale A Christmas Carol, this app is bound to be a hit with you. The story-telling app addresses the issue of plastic. Listen to a story and read
interesting factoids. This is what we call fun-learning.

This one is a content aggregator powered by The Guardian, a British national daily. What does it let you do? Get all the latest green news, comments and images on your mobile or tablet. Customisable, it lets you read articles from The Guardian’s Environment section and other sources such as Mother Jones, AlterNet, SciDev and Yale Environment 360. You can even create your own ‘keyword stream’ to get only the kind of content you want to read.

Earth Day: Kids Season Story
Nothing works better than interactive stories when learning new things. An educational story book app, it informs you about the Earth and its seasons in an engaging manner. Ah, the clean scent of air, refreshing water and a green environment in the context of changing seasons. One highlight of the app: An allegory featuring a good-hearted gardener, who teaches users the importance of nature, an unspoiled environment, and how they can contribute.

imageFood Safety @Home
Do you have a curious mind? Are you always on the edge about what you eat? This app is right for you then. Get all food safety information straight from professionals and learn more about a range of important food safety topics. Anything else? Yes, it assists you in applying exciting techniques at home.image

Down to Earth
Your very own environment and science fortnightly magazine now comes in an app! Yes, you can now get all our exclusive and exiting content on your mobile or tablet! Do check it out.

We are happy environment is a category for smartphone, mobile and tablets apps. We would be happier if you used them and extracted useful information that empowers you.   By the way, we are all charged up about coming up with our very own GT app. Yes, yes, we shall keep you posted!