Dear Friends

Back to schools and colleges, are we? I hope you all had a swell vacation. One of our little readers from Bengaluru has, in fact, contributed some pages from her travel diary to this issue of our magazine, and I do hope this will encourage others to write in as well.

This issue’s cover story veers a bit away from the usual—we decided to look at agriculture and its evolution. Today, Indian agriculture is facing a serious crisis. Rampant use of pesticides and fertilisers, bad management policies and practices, and climate change have come together to deal a crippling blow to our farmer friends. Across the nation, hundreds of farmers are being forced to either sell off their lands, or move to cities to try their luck at manual labour, or commit suicide. This does not bode well for India’s food security.

Many of us—mostly those living in cities—feel strangely removed and distant from this crisis. But we must give this issue a closer look and ask ourselves: if our agriculture suffers, won’t we be affected as well?

Souparno Banerjee

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Dear Friends