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Cycle saga...

Cycle Saga...

Pedalyatri, a group made up of professionals and students, age group ranging from twenty to forty five, cycle for fun. And for adventure. But what they found on the Aravalli ranges was neither. They had wheeled into disaster zone. The Aravallis had been ripped apart.

The Supreme Court had ordered suspension of all mining activities in the 448 sq. km area of Aravalli range in districts of Haryana in Faridabad and Gurgaon and Mewat, early this year.

A three-judge Forest Bench of the Court said, “Time has now come to suspend all mining in the above area” on Sustainable Development Principle which is part of Articles 21, 48A and 51A (g) of the Constitution. But the truth lies outside the gamut of legal directives.

“We explore terrains indiscriminately, covering 45-60 kms in a day. Our route is Gurgaon-Faridabad or Sohna Road, before peeling into the hills. We can by and large assess whether an area is cycle-able or not. For further help Google Earth is our aide”, said Rajesh Kalra, Chief Editor, Times Internet, an ardent Pedalyatri

“The mining pictures reveal an area we came across while we cycled along an unpaved path through the Aravallis. We suddenly figured out that not only was a huge chunk of a big hill destroyed, but that the soil had eroded almost10-15 storey below the surface. It was scary, huge and amazing at the same time. We had never seen such a sight; we have seen lakes that surfaced up due to deep mining but never one of this kind. The hills had been hacked,”said Rajesh.



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Cycle saga...