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Cowpats - June 2004

Still unprotected

300 of the world's rarest and most exotic species, including flying foxes in Comoros Islands and yellow-eared parrots in the Colombian   Andes and also creatures in India, are completely unprotected, claim scientists.

“Cheeseburger Bill” okayed

US House of Representatives passed the “Cheeseburger Bill” banning frivolous lawsuits against food and non-alcoholic drink producers arising from obesity claims.

The vote came a day after a study said obesity was likely to become US's biggest “preventable killer”, overtaking smoking.

Plastic roads for hi-tech city

Plastic garbage in Bangalore will literally end up on its streets when authorities begin laying over 500km of road, using bitumen mixed with recycled plastic. Two tonnes of plastic will be needed for 1 km of road.

Lost bees

French beekeepers say about 90 billion of their bees have been killed in 10 years by a pesticide, used on maize and sunflowers.

It damages the bees' sense of direction and they become lost.

“Bad farming is biggest global environmental threat”

Inefficient farming practices are helping to drive deforestation, pollution, ocean degradation, and species loss and constitute the most serious environmental threat in the world today, says a new book World Agriculture and the Environment.

PC: Prolific Consumer—of water!

Your computer is one thirsty machine. A single 15-centimetre- long silicon wafer—the building-block for a few dozen chips—requires 9 kilograms of liquid chemicals and 6 cubic meters of gases, as well as 8,610 liters of water.


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