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Cowpats - January 2004

Deforestation & malaria?

A new Peru-based research says that every 1% boost in deforestation increases the number of malaria-bearing mosquitoes by 8%, seemingly because these mosquitoes thrive in ponds that are exposed to sunlight.

Switzerland without snow?

A study says that none of the 230 Swiss resorts will have enough snow to sustain skiing within 30-50 years.

Apart from being a recreational disaster, it’ll hit the environment as lack of winter snow changes water and weather patterns.

Artificial beaks for conservation

A WWF initiative is helping to stop hunting of endangered hornbill species in Arunachal Pradesh.

Communities use the hornbill's large beak to make traditional headgear.

Artificial fibre hornbill beaks were distributed amongst villages in exchange for real beaks.

Back to nature for them

In Dhanpao village in Uttaranchal`s Dehra Dun district, urea use has hardened the soil so much that the Jaunsari tribals there have been convinced into going organic.

Here’s how to do with 21 less power plants...

An estimate says that if every US home put CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs in their 5 most used lighting fixtures, the US would conserve 800 billion units of electricity:

Equivalent to shutting down 21 power plants. Greenhouse gas emissions would be down by nearly half a trillion kgs.

What if the Chinese consumed like the Americans?

  • They’d eat 100 million tons of seafood—the world's fish catch.
  • They would need 80 million barrels of oil every day.
    That’s more than what the world produces right now.
  • They’d use more paper than the world currently produces.
  • Global CO2 emissions would double, accelerating climate change.


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