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Cool & quirky gift guide!


It’s that time of the year when the world and its relatives are going nuts trying to figure out interesting gift options for their loved ones. We jumped right onto the bandwagon and came up with some out-of-the-ordinary ideas that fit the bill.

All for a noble cause
From recycled elephant poop notebooks that are absolutely adorable to utility items such as file folders and photo frames made from river grass and mangalgiri cotton – this festive season make a green statement while gifting. Digging for a few more options? How about some hand-made bags stitched meticulously and artistically using waste paper and cloth? And how can you go wrong with pottery. Explore the vivid colours of ceramic and go crazy!

Virtual gifting
Alright, so here’s the thing. We are all always online but have we still caught on to the online gifting trend? How about gifting your friend her favourite online magazine’s subscription for a year? A tad bit intellectual? Then here is the latest from the quirky land. How about a personal website? Buy a domain name for your friend or loved one and make them feel truly special! Imagine if someone did that for you, won’t you feel on top of the world?

Box it
What you can never go wrong with? Admit it. A box of chocolates. Never. And now, add that extra touch of glamour to the good ol’ box by personalising it, folks! Make your own innovative packaging – you could create a logo from your friend’s name and use it creatively on a hand made box or just splash your message on top of the box in a hand-made card!

And of course, you can always rely on traditional jewellery and handicrafts, unusual upholstery like gota cushion covers, cool cutlery and crockery, music collection and personal beauty products. So this festive season, make sure you gift individualistically!



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The cool + quirky gift guide!