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imageimageThe Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of Elements

Sam Kean

The periodic table is an unlikely muse, especially for a whole book of fanastical stories about elements falling in love, betraying each other’s trust and making up and moving on. Science writer Sam Kean steps out of his comfort zone while loosely staying around the fringes. He moves from stories of mad scientists to punk laboratory pranksters with an exciting flourish. After reading this one cover to cover, you will never look at those dumb, boring elements we were made to learn by-heart the same way.

imagecarboncalculator.direct. gov.uk/

imageFoggy about your footprint? Want to know your emissions? Carbon Calculator will help you and make it a fun experience too! It helps you calculate emissions for your home or as an individual – from heating & lighting, electrical appliances, and transport and vehicles. Based on your result (as accurate as you can get on the Internet), the website will help devise a suitable action plan. Plus, the interface is beautiful Flash animation that makes you never want to leave. Hey, the website is an initiative of the UK government, so you will have to calculate monthly energy and water bills in pounds. (Go converting afterwards.)

imageEnvironment films @ Vimeo

Reckon yourself as the only one thinking about a quick fix for the environment? Think again! Environmental Films at Vimeo, online video hosting site, features a worldwide spectrum of filmmakers, amateur as well as established, who brilliantly encapsulate the urgency of changing our attitudes to the environment, in a bunch of poignant video clips. The videos range in duration as well as intensity, from abstract but artistic musings, like Paper Dreams, to more strident and plain-speaking documentaries like Transition Towns. But each leaves a mark on the viewer, using the versatility of the video format to its fullest. So film buffs, you are as likely to indulge as green buffs!

imageimageGoogle Science Fair 2013

Change the world and win a fantastic prize for doing it! You could end up going on a National Geographic adventure of the Galapagos Islands! And that is only one of the grand prizes, there’s $50,000 scholarship and other cool prizes to be won, not to mention, fame and a chance to work and interact with science biggies from around the globe. Yes, the Google Science Fair is back. Submit your innovative project ideas on or before April 30, 2013 to this grand online science competition for 13 to 18 year-olds and you could be a science superstar! Last year’s grand prize winner went on to attend the Equal Futures Partnership Launch at the UN General Assembly and is serving as a judge this year, for developing a breast cancer detection app. Go put on those thinking caps – how would you change the world? Log on to www.googlesciencefair.com, for more.

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Communication Pavilion: Read See Surf Do