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Up your green quotient by dressing hip and cool this summer. Read on!

Avikal Somvanshi

With the onset of summers, cupboards should now be packed with bush-shirts, kurtas and T-shirts made of cotton and linen. These are not just perfect to keep one fashionably cool through heat and sweat but also have an environment connect. Guess what it makes one energy-efficient too.

Skin-deep reason 

Naturally, the outdoor temperature keeps changing with every season and we try combating it with weaponries like our clothing and air conditioning. Feeling hot or cold is directly related to the temperature of one’s skin. There are lot of biological factors that determine our skin temperature—diet, metabolism, age and physical activity. As these vary from person to person, therefore, perception of comfort can also vary.

But after lot of scientific studies, M.R. Sharma and Sharafat Ali of UNESCO concluded way back in 1979 that people living in India tend to feel most comfortable when their skin temperature is in range of 25-30 degree centigrade. They called it the tropical summer index. This is the reason why in winter we cover up with layers to shield our skin from cold air, and in summer we expose it to let the heat escape.

Summer or AC apparel?

Clothing directly governs if one is feeling hot or cold. If one wears a three-piece business suit or a stretch Lycra jeans in summer, their bodies will revolt and drench them down in sweat. Logically, one would unbutton the shirt but nowadays we prefer cranking up the air conditioner. This might make you feel comfortable but would make someone who is clad in a summer-friendly bush-shirt or a summer-dress quiver in the cold. Besides being too cool for comfort, there are environmental and monetary implications of running the ACs and it gets worse as one keeps lowering the temperature.

Monster power

An air conditioner is the most energy-intensive and environment-unfriendly appliance anyone can own. When all devices—two ceiling fans, two incandescent bulbs, four tube lights, one TV and one refrigerator—are switched on in a house, a one-tonne AC alone will consume twice as much electricity as all the others put together to use. And for every degree decrease in thermostat setting, there is increased energy consumption of 3-10 percent. As the temperature dips in the room, the power usage will rocket up.

Don’t let air conditioning change the way you dress, neither let your dressing make you seek AC. In Japan people dress in fashionable bush-shirt even to office when the sun hits the sky and this is helping the country go green. So isn’t it time we in India start to dress down and flaunt the cool bush-shirt and be desi cool.

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