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Bengaluru beckons!

Game changer of a gallery

Calling all you science freaks! Here is some good news. In a first for India, Science Gallery International (SGI), Dublin will set up a Science Gallery Bengaluru at the Indian Institute of Science in the garden city by 2018. Excited? Well, here is what is in store


In the next four years, Bengaluru, India’s IT hub, will house Asia’s first and the world's third most prominent gallery where science lovers will be able to mingle with the foremost brains and view their inventions. Likely to be set up at the Indian Institute of Science in 2018, this gallery is already being hailed as a great interface between art, science and technology.

Recently, a memorandum was signed between the Karnataka Government and the Science Gallery International (SGI, a non-profit organisation based at Trinity College Dublin. While India will be the third such country to have such a prestigious gallery, the first gallery was opened in Dublin in 2008 while the second will be unveiled in London, within the next two years.



Unlike other static galleries, this one will be a tad different. It will not host any permanent exhibition but host theme-based exhibitions on a regular basis. The main topics on display will definitely revolve around science mixed with art and other collaborations of this type.

Aimed to augment the concept of science in India, the main reason for choosing Bengaluru as the city to set up the gallery – according to Chris Horn, chairperson of SGI – was because the city is the “global hub for science and technology.”


Interestingly, all three Science Galleries will work in tandem. So for example, an exhibition that’s on in Dublin will travel to the UK and then come to India. This way, people all over the world will be able to have a dekko at all possible exhibits and inventions; nothing will get missed. Five science exhibitions will be held every year and will be based on five distinct themes.

Particularly targeted for people between the age of 15 and 25, these exhibitions will showcase the work of scientists from foreign and local universities. Slated to be built at a cost of Rs 25 crore, this project that is likely to be funded entirely by Google will also have partnering from the National Centre for Biological Sciences and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. And while we all start dreaming about going to the gallery in India, SGI has already set its sight on establishing similar galleries in Chicago, Melbourne, Singapore, New York and Venice by 2020. What can we say, except, go gallery go!


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Bengaluru beckons!