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Awesome animal animations and films

Former tennis star Vijay Amritraj and Hollywood producer Larry Brezner have teamed up to make a film about Raju, an Indian elephant freed from chains after 50 years of abuse.  Here is the GT list of our favourite animal films that are a must-watch. 

Babe: An adaptation of Dick King-Smith’s 1983 novel ‘The Sheep-Pig’ that is about a pig who wants to be a sheepdog, this is the cutest little comedy-drama film. With talking animals and a serious story (of an orphaned piglet raised by collies and taken in by a farmer) you would not want to miss.

Bambi: A young deer, Bambi, hailed as the 'Prince of the Forest' grows up and befriends the lovely creatures of the forest that he is a part of. So there’s Thumper the rabbit, Flower the skunk and many other such animals. A beautifully-woven together animation, that is now considered to be a classic.

One Hundred and One Dalmations:

Another epic animation film! When the dalmations Pergo and Perdita who belong to Roger and Anita respectively, fall in love, they inspire their owners to get hitched, so that they can all live happily together. But the dog-napper in Cruella is a real villain in this heart-wrenching dog tale.

The Incredible Journey: What happens when three lost pets — Luath the Labrador retriever, Bodger the bull terrier and Tao the Siamese cat cannot remember how to get back home? With voices of Michael J. Fox and Sally Field, this incredible journey will teach you all about friendship, faith and what it takes to go on, especially when the times are really, really tough.

March of the Penguins: As the second most successful documentary after Fahrenheit 9/11 that has been co-produced by the National Geographic Society, it will completely transform the way you look at a documentary. With Morgan Freeman's deep baritone narration, the movie delves deep into the life of an emperor penguin, from its annual mating ritual to everything else. Go, take this ride!

Free Willy: A 12-year-old boy and a whale find themselves in a similar trap. For the boy it’s a foster home, and for the whale it’s a tank at the Northwest Adventure Park. When they make friends with each other, they both want the same thing – freedom! But will they have it? Cute moments to times of real despair, this movie has it all!

You have your own favourites? We would love to know about them. Share your list on our fb page!

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Awesome animal animations and films