1-15 October, 2011 Inside this issue

Cover Story

I wonder how, I wonder why Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky And all that I can see is just a Dirty, grimy, polluted tree

Open Forum

There are many detailed trials being conducted across geographies that show a direct linkage between air pollution and ailments in children.

Do you know what's the total number of cars on the planet? Come on, take a wild guess.

Life Cycle

It is common knowledge that mirrors are made from sand or silica. But that’s just the beginning. Remember, at this stage, it is not really a mirror. It is simply glass! There is a whole lot that goes behind turning a simple piece of transparent glass into that pretty mirror you look into everyday.

Green School

I landed in the beautiful city of Colombo, geared up to lay the foundation for a customised Green Schools Programme Manual. It was a great learning experience meeting officers from the education department and going on school and field visits. But let’s start with the fist things first.