1-15 January, 2011 Inside this issue

Cover Story

It's a morning like any other. You wake up, wash up and then head towards the breakfast table.The food may be laid out for you already or you may have to rustle up a meal for yourself, but the fare is more or less uniform. Toasts with fruits or eggs. Prefer a desi (local) meal? Then its homemade roti and a bowl of cooked vegetable . Washed down with a glass of juice and tea or coffee.

Open Forum

Climate change, as a phenomenon, is alarming. That said, it is even more distressing to understand the political developments around it. Our overheating world and its economies—both developed and developing—have witnessed many global climate talks and treaties. As you must know, the most recent United Nations climate change conference was held in Mexico’s exotic and beautiful Cancún. Hereon, we demystify the jargon.

Khadi. I am certain the image that this word conjures up in your mind is that of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The man who made it the ‘cloth of the nation’. The fabric that with time became the symbol and spirit of the Indian freedom movement.

Green School

We do not know who initially invented the wheel. But we do know about the constant struggle to make the roads on which they move more smooth, more safe. The most talked about initiative in recent times is the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), a public transportation system using buses to provide faster, more efficient service to passengers.