1-15 April, 2008 Inside this issue

Cover Story

Panditji has come to the railway station today to receive his niece Shreya. He is excited because he is meeting her for the first time in 12 years! The train arrives, and scores of people start getting off it.
Pandit ji spots Shreya standing amidst the crowd, looking lost, and goes to her.

Open Forum

In the last issue of Gobar Times, we presented to you some of the monuments of Delhi, that lie neglected and forlorn. The Archeological Park (Mehrauli), Khirki Masjid, and Hauz Khas. Here are some more treasure troves of the city that, like most other heritage sites, lie in oblivion – slowly decaying and dying.

Lord Ram built a bridge from India to Sri Lanka to reach his wife Sita, kidnapped by Ravan, the demon king who ruled the island, says Ramayana. Many believe that the Ram Setu still exists, and is under threat from a canal project called Sethusamudram. But this channel, if made, would provide a trade route, boosting business.

Green School

For years, eco-tours to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been looked upon as the best options for school chidren to learn more about
nature and environment. It is perhaps time to get off the beaten track.

Life Cycle

When you look at a piece of wooden furniture, the first thing that attracts you is its smooth finishing, right? And when you look at the walls of your house or school or office, only an even texture pleases you. But, do you know that this smoothness comes from something coarse?