All new green schools training programme


Dates:  July  19 - 20,  2012 &  August 21 - 22,  2012

Centre for Science and Environment’s Environment Education Unit (EEU) conducts a two-day training programme for teachers, educators, students, development workers and people interested in environment education.

Participants are guided step by step through different modules of the Green Schools Programme (GSP) manual, to enable them bring about green change on the school campus and monitor it. The course content has been revised to include examples of green change brought about by schools by doing the green schools programme.

The training includes activities, interactive sessions, films and presentations on following issues:

  • Water conservation

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Sanitation

  • Water recycling/reuse

  • Air Pollution

  • Commuting practices

  • Oxygen balance

  • Ventilation

  • Green Area

  • Biodiversity

  • Pesticide use

  • Afforestation

  • Energy conservation

  • Renewable energy

  • Waste segregation

  • Waste reuse/recycle

  • Waste disposal

  • Climate change

The teachers’ trainings are of two types:

Inhouse:These take place at our office in Delhi. The fee per participant is Rs.1,000/- and for two participants representing same organization Rs.1,800/- inclusive of meals and refreshments. Travel to the venue and lodging, boarding for outstation participants is extra.

Last dates for submission of course fee:

15 days before the course commencement date.

Dates:  July  19 - 20,  2012 &  August 21 - 22,  2012

Venue: Classroom, AAGC, CSE,
38 Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110062

Landmark: Institutional area is near Batra Hospital, AAGC building is next to the SDM's Office.

Outstation: A group of at least 50 individuals has to be organised by the interested organisation/institution. Even if the workshop does not have 50 participants the host organisation/institution will have to pay for 50 participants. Fee is Rs.1,000/- per participant, and the organisation/institution arranging the workshop will have to bear travel, lodging and boarding expenses of 2 CSE resource persons. The host organisation/institution will be responsible for arranging timely refreshments for all participants at the venue. A Computer, LCD Projector, Black or White board and about 10 calculators will have to be arranged at the venue by the host organisation/institution.

Please note that fee can be negotiated for organisations interested in series of trainings.


Course contact:

Ashish Shah
Deputy Coordinator
Environment Education Unit
Phone: 9871702439

Ajanta Sikdar
Assistant Coordinator
Phone: 0 9654644348

Environment Education Unit
Centre for Science and Environment
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110062