Green Neighbourhood Programme

We started the Green School Programme with a simple idea. We wanted to develop a programme, which would help us learn. Not just the idea but the practice of making change ‘work’. We believe that it is always best to learn by doing. It is always best to do by learning. It is this simple idea we converted into the Green School Programme. The manual provided the tasks for schools to begin the rating of their performance. Each step provided the criterion; its weightage and the method by which we could learn how green we were and how green we could be.

River conservation

GREEN SCHOOLS PROGRAM, MANUAL A manual to assess the green performance of your school

We started the Green School Programme with a simple idea.

We know that environmental challenges are growing; we also know that the challenge, however enormous, will need each one of us to get involved. It will need us to change the way we manage natural resources; alter our consumption patterns so that we can do more with less; and innovate with current technologies so that we can improve the environment around us.

Environmental Education

Over the past 25 years or so, environment has appeared in different avatars in India’s education arena. Sometimes as a handmaiden of mainstream subjects wedged between the pages of chemistry or history textbooks; in others as a common theme of all extra-curricular activities. From taking ‘nature walks’ in local parks to making scrap books on local fauna. But never, till now, was it a part of the formal grading system in schools.