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     Gobar Times: Environment for Beginners

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Dear Pandit ji,

hindustantimes I take workshops in schools on environment. The elite school kids always think that the dhoti-clad man on the road is either a politician (and hence a crook) or a boodhoo and can be taken for a ride. Or is a bechara. Itís high time we listened to the wisdom of this man. We must learn that we need to tread softly on Earth and not trample it.

Sharmila Sinha,
Via Email, (March 31, 2005)

Dear Pandit ji,

I am an English teacher in Thailand. I teach English grammar and simple usages we use in day-to-day language. While searching for teaching material on the Internet I came across the Gobar Times website. Your stories caught my attention. I never imagined that such a thought-provoking magazine existed.

I now plan to teach English differently. I would like to have your permission to adapt some materi-al from your mag-azine for my classes, with due credits to Gobar Times.

Chamnan Yana
Via Email, (March 31, 2005)

Dear Pandit ji,

What a sign of relief to see our much loved and lauded Gobar Times every month! Your team needs to be congratulated for your valuable inputs in the field of Environment Education. It always deals with relevant issues pertain-ing to the present day scenario. Your well-defined and researched articles are simplified to the core and make for ready-made lesson plans for educators

Madhu Bhatnagar
Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi, (30 Apr 2005)

Dear Pandit ji,

I am presently teaching an online course in a US-based graduate university, for students pursuing an MS in Environmental Education. I find your online Gobar Times an invaluable tool in teaching and learning about environmental issues online, andrecommend it as a reference to my students. It is tremendously interesting!

Jane Dougan
LEAD Canada
Coordinator of Distance Learning
The Oceanographic Center
(October 31, 2005)

Dear Pandit ji,

Indians need to know about the importance of sustainable development. GT has been making positive and consistent efforts in this direction. But your effort to sensitise reaches limited English-literate people. What about the masses who live in the rural and semi urban areas? As far as I know GT is not published in any of Indian regional languages and I think that they should be, so that more people can read and become aware.

Haribhai Mori
Ambuja Cement Foundation
Ambujnagar, Junagadh
(December 2005)

Dear Pandit ji,

We really like your magazines and have started a programme on Environment Education, where we teach children how to save their environment and keep it clean, etc. Why donít you also have Hindi translations of Gobar Times or atleast the competitions and games for children, which can then be more widely circulated.

Sheila Sedgwick /Ajit Kumar
Green Friends, Eagles Nest, Upper Dharamkot, Dharamsala, HP India
(May 15, 2009)

Dear Pandit ji,

GT is a great gift for the school going children. I rue the fact that I did not lay my hands on Gobar Times earlier, in my younger or childhood days. Also, the names are quite interestingly chosen Ė Gobar Times and Pandit Gobar Ganesh. Kudos!!!

Via e-mail, (November 15, 2008)

Dear Pandit ji,

There is an unique feel about the magazine. The design work certainly has played wonders, but the thorough research is the major player.

Dr. A Goswami
Via e-mail, (June. 15, 2008)

Dear Pandit ji,

It was actually a shock when I saw it for the first time ten years back, of all the names ĎGobarí! Then of course I learnt the value of Gobar in the coming times.

Look forward to get an exclusive, full-length Gobar Times instead of a piggyback on DTE, soon. Keep up the great show!

Madhu Menon
Environment educator and communicator, Ahmedabad
(June. 15, 2008)

Dear Pandit ji,

Reading Gobar Times I got to know that many small schools are winning the green school award. It is high time that all the schools of the urban areas, the elite and the privileged should take a cue from these schools and go for a green mission earnestly.

Sailaja Nayak,
Kendriya Vidayalaya 1 Uppal,
Hyderabad, AP
(March 15, 2009)

Dear Pandit ji,

I have been with you since the beginning. It has been a wonderful idea to integrate our 'chi-chi Gobar' with the 'hi-fi Times'. Perhaps having a go at the modern world, while securing us to our traditional value systems. You have not only been entertaining, but always informative. And it is not the children who alone learnt from you, it was also us, the adults, who many a time take things for granted. Thankyou and wish you decades and decades of publication.

V K Uniyal
Via e-mail,
(May 15, 2008)

More than accolades, it is the questions we love:

I am a student of Class X and school asks me to prepare a project on " Role of govt. or non govt. functionaries in your locality in disaster management". Please help me in my project, as the internal assessment of it will be counted in my board exams.

Japneet Kaur,
via email, June 15, 2009

Two types of wastes are generated in homes Ė one is fresh vegetable waste that is thrown as cut-offs or rotten, and another is cooked food thrown away as waste. Can you kindly advice me about how to convert this into manure? And whether both these types of wastes can be mixed, or they need to be used separately?

via e-mail, August 15, 2008

My name is Aashish Singla, and I study in class 8. I am making a project on terrace farming. I have to give a speech on it and have to prepare some points. Can please help me.

Aashish Singla
Via e-mail, June 30, 2007

Iím a Class XII student from The School K.F.I. Iím doing a project on paper production, usage and waste handling. At the end of it I have to set up a small waste paper managing unit in my school. I will also be making my own grid of the social, economic and environmen-tal costs of different kinds of paper. Can you suggest me places to visit preferably around Chennai for this and suggestions for doing this project.

Tanya Agarwal,
Via Email, MAy 30, 2005

Keep them coming...

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