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Ask me! No?


C O W  P A T S


Not brand Alexander

Some scientists are claiming that climate change may turn out to be a boon for British farmers! Shocked? Researchers predict that various new crops such as tea, maize, sunflowers and soybeans may be grown in Britain! Farmers have already grown the first tea crop in Cornwall. But aren’t they paying too high a price? This flip side is a complete flop!!!

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Sea Spidies

Ten new species of sea spider were identified three years back in the icy waters near Antarctica. The Australian Antarctic Division collected the creatures from the waters around Heard Island and kept them on ice until now. They have been catalogued just recently! Some have legs that span half a meter!

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Camouflaging snake!

An amazing new species of snake has been recently discovered. The snake can change skin colour, just like a chameleon! The snake is poisonous and half-meter long. The conservation group of WWF informed that this unique snake is found in wetlands and swamped forests around the Kapuas River in the Betung Kerihun National Park, on the Indonesian part of Borneo Island.

What lies beneath

An island that caused an international dispute in 1831between Britain, France  and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, is actually a peak of a much larger volcano! A horseshoe-shaped volcano is lurking underneath the surface of the Mediterranean south of Sicily! The British had named the island Graham Island, French named it Giulia and Sicilians named it Ferdinandea. But, the researchers from Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology have named it Empedocles – after a Greek philosopher who lived in Sicily. The scientists discovered this volcano while exploring the underwater remnants of an island.

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Prickly Heat

World-record for a shark! Yes, a hammerhead shark may create a world-record by being caught pregnant with 55 pups! This finding has shaken the grounds of the earlier belief that hammerhead sharks give birth to 20 to 40 pups at a time. The scientists informed that 52 of the pups were nearly full-term and just a few days from birth. Unfortunately, the rest of the pups would be unborn.

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Slap of Salps

Jellyfish-like creatures called Salps don’t literally hit anyone but they can be blamed for “slapping” the oceans’ temperature. Swarming by the billions in ‘hot spots’, Salps are capable of transporting tonnes of carbon from the ocean surface to the deep sea each day,
keeping it from re-entering the atmosphere! Thus, contributing more to ocean’s greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide, than previously thought. A tight slap for other creatures for sure!

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