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Ask me! No?


M U C K  M A I L

Y O U   S A I D

Dear Panditji,
The Gobar Times supplement ought to be made available separately to the school going children for a nominal subscription fee on the certification from the institution(s) where they attend.

R P Agarwal

Dear Panditji,
I was wondering if you offer summer training for environmental engineering students? If so, how do I find out about the programmes?

Apurba Mitra
New Delhi

61-1.jpg (6705 bytes)Dear Apurba,
CSE offers many training programmes, most are related to the work we are doing. For example there are programmes for waste water treatment and rain water harvesting. We are currently finishing up a new building that will be home to all of our courses and training programmes. Until then, you can find out what courses are on offer through our website, Training programmes are announced often, so make sure to check back regularly.

Dear Panditji,
I have recently completed my MS in environmental engineering from the USA. I was wondering if you could advise me in some career prospects in India that would utilise my degree? I was also wondering aboutthe Gobar Times? I love your magazine and  want to subscribe. Does it come as part of Down To Earth?

Suman Vashisth
Minnesota, USA

61.jpg (6076 bytes)Dear Suman,
Congratulations on your degree! We are currently working on the career mentoring segment of our website. There will soon be academics from around India and abroad who will be available through our network, to answer such questions. Who better to let you know what jobs are out there, than the people working in your field.

As for a subscription to the Gobar Times, it is a supplement to Down To Earth. You can go online to to order your subscription. If you are just interested in Gobar Times, it is available free of charge online at,

Dear Panditji,
I grew up in Jaipur, and now being away, I miss it so much. Your site brings it alive to me. You are doing a great job folks. Keep it up!

Abhishek Jain
Maryland, USA

Dear Pandit Gobar Ganeshji
Good to hear from you. I am part of an evolving environment group comprising of parents, teachers and children of The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Gurgaon. We are all equally concerned about issues raised by you from time to time. I would like to know as to how we can work together to achieve our goals. Any specific ideas?

Amit Bhatnagar


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