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Food is happiness (and vice versa). We may never need an excuse to sink our teeth into a lip-smacking delicacy, but what food do we eat when we want to celebrate? What festivals do we celebrate as an excuse to savour the season’s first delights? What is the connection between the food we eat, the festivals we have, and our environment?
In this day and age of food that is fast and largely unhealthy, do our festivals play a role in bringing to our plates food that is good? Let’s get a taste of it all, as we step into this festival season...

Arif Ayaz Parrey

The first time she saw it, she almost killed it. She had been hopping along the road, on her way to the school, when her eyes suddenly fell on the tiny sapling coming out of a mango rind.

What are you playing with Piu? Is it a new toy?

Gobar Gyan / A Pondering Panditji

Souparno Banerjee's picture

As your days and nights glided into the last days of September, did you notice the nip in the air, and experience a general buoyancy in your spirits?

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The jungle theatre beckons you for some movie action. For the bookworms we have got a reading corner ready...

Up your green quotient by dressing hip and cool this summer. Read on!

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