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Taking stock: 2012's environmental legacy

In the past year, some things changed, while some things remained unchecked. As usual, there was some good news, peppered with the bad. Here, GT will take you through the enviro-news stories that were born in 2012 and continue to show some sparks in 2013…

The pains of rains

Big cities recoil in the rain. Roads are rivers, and rivers are reaching dangerous levels. Amidst all this, we ponder the plight of the pedestrian on the mess that is an Indian road...

Fest Food

Food is happiness (and vice versa). We may never need an excuse to sink our teeth into a lip-smacking delicacy, but what food do we eat when we want to celebrate? What festivals do we celebrate as an excuse to savour the season’s first delights? What is the connection between the food we eat, the festivals we have, and our environment?
In this day and age of food that is fast and largely unhealthy, do our festivals play a role in bringing to our plates food that is good? Let’s get a taste of it all, as we step into this festival season...

Chitter-Chatter - October 15, 2015



In your Down To Earth magazine (1st to 15th September 2015) in the Gobar Times supplement you have mentioned on pg. 69 that Hog Deer is among endangered mammals. It is not. The endangered species of Indian deer, are Musk Deer, Swamp Deer and Manipur Brow Antler Deer, these species are under red data book of IUCN

Festivals of India


Toy with this Idea

Not everyone sees a broken toy as junk to be thrown away.

Cowpats October 2015

Excess of everything is bad.

The stubborn mango

Arif Ayaz Parrey

The first time she saw it, she almost killed it. She had been hopping along the road, on her way to the school, when her eyes suddenly fell on the tiny sapling coming out of a mango rind.

The GSP Diaries

Travelling from Baghdogra (West Bengal) to Gangtok (Sikkim), Sanchita was bowled over by Sikkim’s bio-diversity. With a population of around 600,000 the small state covers just 0.2 per cent of the geographical area of the country! But does size matter where the environment is concerned. Certainly not, as Sanchita discovered.


Hi folks,

As your days and nights glided into the last days of September, did you notice the nip in the air, and experience a general buoyancy in your spirits?


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